Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Walden's Wild Weekend

I have never met a dog with worse separation anxiety than my sweet puppy, Walden.  He drools so much when we crate him that it takes 2 towels to clean up the mess.  He pulls items off the counter, shattering drying dishes like a glass Pyrex baking dish.  He enjoys taking flour out of the pantry and moving it all around the living room.  Also, even if we are in the house, he will sneak a slice of pizza off your plate, or just finish an entire half of a pizza and 3 chocolate chip cookies sitting on the stove top.  Now he has topped them all and finds it so difficult to let us leave without him, so he JUMPED Out a TWO STORY Window!!!

Needless to say, flying out a two story window will cause some pain. Sasha amusingly looked down from the window as Walden cried and cried and cried in pain.  We think Sasha was saying, "Glad you went first." 

His attempt at defying gravity and learning to fly occurred while were visiting friends in Wisconsin  and Walden decided we couldn't leave him behind while running errands...this is the result.  You may not be able to tell in this picture, but the paw on the left is broken in 3 places.  I have a great x-ray, but am still working on getting it opened on this computer.

Look at the poor boy as he waits to be taken care of by the vet. 

Walden got to spend the entire weekend by our side attached to the patio table sporting the lovely little wrapped splint.

And now we are home sweet home and he has his little dog bed right next to my office desk.

He is beyond spoiled...and pathetically cute :)

Walden will be in a cast for about 6 weeks.  We hope his paw heals completely and he is able to walk and run without much pain.  Right now, he gimps around adorably :)

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