Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Whimsical Wisconsin

I had so much fun visiting our friends in Wisconsin this past weekend!  Bob and Natasha met around the same time Neal and I met in college.  Natasha and I are in the same Sorority, Bob and Neal are in the same Fraternity.  When I first met Natasha, I thought she was being sarcastic and making fun of southerners as she said in the prettiest and thickest southern drawl "I'm Natasha from Grundy County!"  Yes, that's right, GRUNDY County, like the John Michale Montgomery song "Grundy County Auction".  I thought 'this girl has to be $h*ting me!'  On the other hand, Bob has a thick norther accent.   They sound cute together :) Throughout the years we have taken a trip to the smokies with the boys fraternity, partook in Greek events together, celebrated engagements, weddings, their little girl's birthday, met halfway from IN and WI to hang out, and are planning on taking an all-inclusive vacation together!  Bob and Natasha became close friends of both Neal and I quickly and will remain that way for years to come!

Natasha is very creative and has her own shop on Etsy where she sells great bows for little girls, monogrammed items like these cute floppy hats, and my favorite, a Nautical Boat Book Case.  Her craftiness doesn't stop their.  Both her and Bob are great at creating items on a dime.  I became obsessed with the details at their home in a cute downtown neighborhood. 

They made this bar/potting station out of barn wood and an old door (items they got for FREE)

They created an outdoor dining section by making a great table and painting some cute chairs red. 

To compliment the dining space, they made the cutest lighting area with hanging lanterns on an old ladder system made from more free barn wood.  I was lucky enough to convince Bob and Neal to make one for our home.  I can't wait to set it up!

Natasha and her almost 2-year-old daughter have planted a little garden.  Heidi, like most kids, LOVES to play in the dirt.  :)

This is one of my favorite photos as it contains both our "babies"  Heidi is very talkative, and and while playing in her little pool, Sasha kept coming over to lick the water.  Heidi was amused and said, 'I love you....(long pause) Sasha'.  It was so sweet! 
Yes, that's a large tin pail.  As I said, Natasha is very creative and has an eye for all things unique.  We picked that up at a yard sale and it made the perfect play spot for Heidi!

One of my favorite things I did in Wisconsin was to go to Monches Farm.  This farm has the greatest gift shop and a wonderful variety of plants, many imported from Holland. 

Inside the gift shop, you can't miss the ceiling covered in dried flowers.

Outside there are numerous 'niches' including this beautiful barn used to house chickens.

Neal's favorite part of the trip was a Meat Fest with Bob's family where all the men spent hours grilling up chicken wings, brisket, bacon wrapped sausage, ribs, prime rib, and so much more.  The women of the family contributed with baked macaroni (Natasha's tasty contribution), chunky potato salad, pasta salad, American pie jello cake, and amazing butterscotch bars.  As you can see, Neal's plate consisted mostly of manly meat (there is more underneath that prime rib):

Prior to leaving, we finished up the trip with a delicious breakfast Monte Cristo sandwich with fresh raspberry jam, turkey and ham between french toast and a spiced Mayan Chocolate Latte from Perc Place

I am so glad Neal and I were able to visit Bob, Natasha, & Heidi!  It was such a fun trip, and I totally fell in love with Wisconsin.  I think I have found a new town I would love to visit more often :)
cute wall decor at Perc Place

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