Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chocolate Steak and Salad!? Oh my!

If you thought chocolate was only for dessert, you were wrong. 

If you thought chocolate was a secretive sweet indulgence to hide from your roommates or husband, you were wrong. 

If you think chocolate should be enjoyed with every meal, then this is a post for you!  :)

"Inspiration", that's where this recipe was found.  The Fresh Market puts out their specials and some recipes in a monthly newsletter titled "Inspiration".  This month, I was totally inspired when I saw a dinner recipe that consisted of cocoa!

Is that greenery, strawberries, feta cheese and CHOCOLATE flakes you see?  You bet it is!

What a great combination, strawberries and chocolate.  Now let's take that to the next level and try to justify it by making it seem even healthier than we already convince ourselves of this decadent combination.  Let's add it to a salad with tasty goat feta cheese and a chocolate balsamic dressing! BOOM!  That's magical! 

To please the man in your life, or just if you are a steak lover such as myself, you should make him a steak he won't soon forget and you will enjoy to the last bite.  What do you need for this steak?  Chocolate of course!  Don't fear, you cannot mess this pan seared steak up.  All you need is some salt, pepper, honey, olive oil and of course the COCOA powder!  To make this even more tempting, try the MERLOT BUTTER! (found also at link below).

To find the recipe and instructions, check out the Fresh Market's "Inspiration" newsletter this month, or go to the links on their website here here.

Garlic Olive Oil
Both the salad and the steak call for the Fresh Market's "O" Roasted Garlic Olive Oil.  I didn't purchase this and instead flavored some olive oil with garlic powder, to taste.  If I had planned ahead better, I wold have infused some olive oil with fresh crushed garlic cloves overnight.  Now that would be tasty!  Growing up we used to dip fresh bread into olive oil with seasonings...now a garlic olive oil with Parmesan seasoning would be TO DIE FOR!  I am getting all sorts of ideas for garlic olive oil and will need to try that one later :)

Try both recipes out...you won't regret it!  It's quick and actually very simple to make.

If you try this recipe, tell me what you think! 

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