Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gifts that Kept Coming

I would be remiss if I did not post about some of the gifts I got this year for my birthday.
My last posts have featured beautiful foods I was given such as my birthday breakfast, the AWESOME chocolate cheesecake, and my cookie cake...geeze it sure sounds like I love food, mostly CARBS and SWEETS!  I workout so I can eat!

I was given some awesome gifts that weren't food that I must share with you!

First, my great friend Hope made me a very lovely copper bracelet in her metal class.  I have worn this bracelet basically every time I have dressed up since receiving it!  Hope is the most creative person I know.  She made our invite to our wedding and she is currently working with me on the invite to my mother's wedding. (It's going to be super cute!)

My friend Natalie not only wined and dined me at Nama, she also gave me a belated Christmas gift!  SO stinking cute if I do say so myself!  We discussed that my hat and scarves might have to go with me on my Teton mountain climbing adventure!

Kellie, one of my oldest friends, got me a variety of gifts. The bag was very heavy!  She was creative and thoughtful in her choices.  The gift was put together SO beautifully, and had many individually wrapped presents.  Each had a cute note attached to it. Here are a few pictures I took while opening this on dad's dock!  

The note attached to this 'relaxation' gift said something about work is stressful enough and I deserve to treat myself! True dat!

This one was my 'What a fashionista' gift and included jewels to bling things up, a summer scarf, animal print socks (I am obsessed with funky socks) ans some unmentionables ;)

She put together stationary, a letter opener, my initial necklace that matches my stationary, a receipt organizer (mentioning my role model Dave Ramsey!), and the cutest sun glass case:

And of COURSE she couldn't forget how much I LOVE working out!  I was THRILLED when I opened this part of my gift!  Who doesn't love great headbands a new workout DVD!?  (this one rocks btw!)
Kellie and I both love quotes, so to finish the gift off, I opened this book full of friendship quotes and this is the quote we opened to on the dock.

I feel very blessed to have such thoughtful and giving friends.  I sure miss everyone in TN to pieces, but ya'll are always in my thoughts and in my hearts.

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