Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pineapple Waffles

So balanced, so unique, so special, and so delicious, that's a pineapple waffle.  What!?  Ok, so the first time Neal's mother offered me pineapple waffles for breakfast I thought, is this for real?  What? No way?  Who would want that?  Turns out, it a Bratton family specialty, and my husband is obsessed.

I was very hesitant with my first try of pineapple waffles.  I don't think I even liked pineapple waffles until I tried them a 2nd or maybe even 3rd time.  However, now I am absolutely 100% perfect with pineapple waffles and I look forward to Thieu sweet and slightly sour deliciousness. 

So what is a pineapple waffle?   Well it's really no different than a blueberry waffle, or pancake for that matter.  All you do is put some crushed pineapple in your batter before baking.  Now this is probably where I am picky and didn't want the pineapple waffles my first few times.  I have a problem with fruit from a can.  Unless it was jarred fresh by yours truly or another trusting friend, fruit in a can can kinda gross me out.  Sometimes we still just get pineapple in a can and I try not to think about how long it might have been in there or what was added to this to keep it "fresh", but this last time, I cut up my own fresh pineapple. 

I even put a few pieces on top of the waffle so I could enjoy a few more pineapple bites!  Look how delicious:

How perfect:

How easy is this?  Very easy.  Click on this link for the waffle recipe I use, crush up a cup or pineapple or 1/2 a cup of fresh pineapple, and stir this into your waffle batter right before pouring onto your waffle maker!  This morning, I even had Neal add some coconut into my batter!! SUPER YUM!

What do you think?  Have you ever tried pineapple waffles, or another great combination?

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