Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Winner Winner Rotisserie Chicken Dinner(s)

I absolutely love a good rotisserie chicken!  My father's girlfriend gave me a great book of hers and other friends recipes for Christmas, and my favorite recipe of hers is the Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas.  I made them this past Sunday, and we have had the leftovers for lunch!  They are also great to freeze for later consumption! 

We only used a portion of the rotisserie chicken, and the rest of it went to meal number two - a peppered chicken wrap!

Back to recipe one...Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas:
The ingredients are simple.  I added some cumin and chili pepper to ours for some more kick, not realizing I had grabbed the can of hot enchilada sauce!   Oops!

The recipe is an simple on to put together, and a true crowd pleaser!

We didn't have the smaller 6in tortillas, so I used our 12in whole wheat ones and cut them in half.

Topping them with a little extra cheese to cut down on the spicy enchilada sauce.  :)

I ate mine with some leftover salad from our game night.  Look how cheesy!

Recipe Two - Peppered Chicken Wrap
Since we didn't use all of the chicken in the enchiladas, I saved the rest to make dinner tonight.  I sauteed onion, red pepper, and yellow pepper on medium heat.  I added some honey to give it a sweet flavor! Yum!  Once the peppers were tender, I added the leftover rotisserie chicken and cooked until warm. 

I finished up the meal by putting it all on a whole wheat tortilla and adding some feta cheese crumbles!  Simple and delicious!

Do you have a good recipe for rotisserie chicken?

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