Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cutest Home Decor and Some Cheesey Meals

I'm feeling rather cheesy this week.  Not only do the weekly meals planned contain two meals that are focused around cheese, but I will completely admit my major obsession with "The Bachelor".  Yes, the super cheesy, hoaky show is one of my favorites.  It falls in line right before "The Real Housewives".  I am a sucker for some dramatic reality shows.  I even watch a little bit of "Dance Moms".  Yes, it's getting worse with each confession!

On Monday, I had a girls night with Erica & went to her house to watch "The Bachelor" and have some super tasty home cooked southern food!  Everything in moderation, right!?

Erica cooked us breaded pork chops, mashed red potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, mushroom gravy sauce & a side salad with sweet walnuts, spinach, feta & raspberry vinaigrette.  Erica lives in the same apartment Neal & I lived at when we first moved to Evansville, and I will be the first to admit hers is decorated much cuter than I ever did our place!

She even makes a mounted deer look pretty!

And she can make art...dang!

It's not girls night without chocolate & wine!

For the rest of the meals this week, Neal & I will be cooking the following:

Stuffed Shells (cheesy)
Shrimp Stir fry
  • Ingredients
    • 15-20 Medium Cooked Shrimp (or you can cook yourself)
    • 3 Cups of frozen veggies.  Walmart actually sells a stir fry veggie bag in their frozen section that I use
    • 2 T Olive Oil
    • Homemade Teriyaki sauce, the sauce that's in the Walmart bag, or a mixture of sauces from the fridge is what I do
  • How to cook
    • Prep your shrimp by defrosting them if frozen or cooking them if they are uncooked.  We put ours in a bowl of water, changing out the water with luke warm to cool water until they are no longer frozen.  Pat them dry & remove the tails.
    • Put your shrimp with your sauce mix in a separate bowl so it can marinate some flavor.
    • Heat a pan on medium, add your olive oil & cook your vegetables how you like them.  Add a little of the sauce to the pan while you are cooking.
    • Toss the shrimp and rest of the sauce into the pan.  Warm it all up and serve!
Chicken Fajitas
White Pimento Cheese Sandwiches (cheesy again!) 
  • I am planning on making some bacon to stuff along in there with the Fresh Market White Pimento Cheese & serving these on Ezekiel bread.

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