Monday, February 4, 2013

February 2013 Workouts

Friday, February 1st
  • Took the day off for traveling & finishing Etsy orders
Saturday, February 2nd
  • All 4 Love Your Body Series Workouts 2 x's through & 2 mile run
    • Sadly my heart rate monitor seems to be broken...
Sunday, February 3rd
  • SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!  I finished a 5 mile run in under 40 minutes & made it back home just in time for the 2nd quarter.  I enjoyed a refreshing Shocktop after my killer run!

 Monday, February 4th
  • Cupid cardio for 4.3 miles - I now have less than 4.5 miles to meet my #100byVday!
Tuesday, February 5th
  • AM:  2 Tara Stiles Yoga Workouts and 3 times through of the Jump Start Workout
  • Afternoon walk with pups for .7 miles
  • PM:  All 5 Love Your Body Series Workouts, Booty 2xs through, the rest 1 x through
Wednesday, February 6th
  • Secret Admirer Cardio.  1.56 miles on the treadmill, 2.05 miles on the elliptical & 100 stairs, or 2.08 miles on the StairMaster for a total of 5.69 miles.  That brings me to 101.98 miles  this year!!!

Thursday, February 7th 
  • During work today, I took two 7 minute breaks to clear my mind and complete Sunkissed Abs, I did one final set (that makes 3) after I was finished working.
  • Tone it Up Stair Workout, only I used the hill in my side yard to get it done!  Then I took the puppies on a nice little walk. 
Friday, February 8th
  • Off for EE Scope
Saturday, February 9th
Sunday, February 10th - Off
Monday, February 11th - Off due to ER visit :-/
Tuesday, February 12th
  • Secrete Admirer Cardio (Tone it Up) total of 5.46 Miles
Wednesday, February 13th
  • Date Night Cardio for 2.17 miles & Sinks Abs 3x's through from Tone it Up
Thursday, February 14th
  • My total miles for #100ByVDay = 113.63!!!
Friday, February 15th
  • Leg Day - worked out with Neal @ the gym. 
Saturday, February 16th - Off
Sunday, February 17th- Off
Monday, February 18th
Tuesday, February 19th
  • Worked out in the AM with my Speed Run 400m x 6, 90 second rest between intervals. 
    • My times are 8.5 speed on treadmill for a pace of 7:03 mile, my rest interval was a 4.0 speed on the treadmill for a pace of 15:00 mile.  I did the rest for 0.1 miles or 90 seconds.
    • Total of 2.12 miles, 20 min
  • Stretched after! 
  • From my house to the gym & back in less than 50 minutes!
Wenesday, February 20th
  • Power Yoga = AMAZING!
Thursday, February 21st
  • 6 mile run at tempo pace of 8:05.  I did this first thing in the morning without any food to fuel me through the run.  That was a bad call!  A snack is a must for a long cardio AM workout!
Friday, February 22nd
  • P90X Chest, Shoulders & Tricepts.  The DVD kept skipping 1/2 way through, so I listened to Pandora and followed a printed version of the workout.  P90X is as long as my other workouts, coming in at an hour, but I feel like it just goes on & on & on sometimes!
Saturday, February 23rd
  • 6 mile long run at an 8:50 mile pace.  Then some leg strengthening because my knee started to hurt!
Sunday, February 24th
  • Walk with Erica & the puppies in Downtown Newburg Riverfront.  Maybe 1.5 miles
Monday, February 25th
  • Tone it Up Sunkiss Abs & Juilian Michael's workout from Shape Magazine
Tuesday, February 26th- Speed runs for the half marathon training 3x1600m
Wednesday, February 27th - off, sick!
Thursday, February 28th - off sick!

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