Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Your Body Series Recap

Congratulations all you beach babes!  We did it!  We completed the Tone It Up Love Your Body series!!!!

The wonderful women behind Tone It Up wrote this heartwarming letter to all off the ladies that joined this fun & exhilarating series:

I couldn't have said it better, but I still want to give my own thank you!

I personally am so happy to have had a handful of women to keep in touch with  during this time.  I loved getting texts from Laurie, Julie, & Erica.  It was wonderful to chat almost daily with Natalie & Brittany.  I made new friends in the Tone it Up community via Facbook & Instagram; @kisstastic2 & @cahill_oneill it was so great to be able to keep in touch with you & many other ladies on an almost daily basis!  And last but not least, it truly helped to hear many of my family & friends cheering me on via personal IM or phone calls & Facebook chats & messages!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

Whether you tried just one workout, joined in on 1 or 2 workouts per week, or did every single workout of the series, I am PROUD OF YOU!  Pat yourself on the back & treat yourself kindly today & every day.  It's necessary to treat your body well.  With all that you eat, drink & do for exercise, it's important to remember how it makes you feel.

I have felt stronger, healthier, and so much happier after doing these workouts & keeping in touch with my friends & the Tone It Up community!  I feel truly blessed to have been able to participate & have this great support! 

Since the start of 2013, some women lost pounds, 6-12 + of them!  Others inches, others truly 'Toned it Up' gaining muscle & cardio strength, and even more gained the confidence & happiness they needed & deserved!

It's never to late to join the Tone It Up community!  They will have many more challenges to jump in on & will be reaching out to women daily!  So join them, or form your own community.  Do what you need to find your strength & happiness!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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