Monday, February 4, 2013

Demolition Weekend

Have you ever walked into a house and thought about how badly you would love to redo something?  Perhaps you do this every time at your own home or maybe every time you walk into a bachelor or bachelorette pad, maybe at your parents’ house, or your best friends’ homes.  You see a diamond in the rough and so badly desire to chip it away slowly and find that beauty below.  Maybe it’s because I watch too much HGTV (online), or because my childhood was spent in a gorgeous re-done Victorian, perhaps it’s because I am just like my mom, hammer in hand & saw in the other, but this time maybe it’s just because my in-laws have talked time and again about remodeling their home and I honestly didn’t believe it would ever happen.  Well, good news for me, it’s happening! 

Neal & I traveled to middle Tennessee for part of the weekend so we could help his parents get their house ready for demolition!  I was hesitant at first since Neal nor I knew exactly what we were getting into.  We didn’t know if anything was packed, or if everything was packed and we would be ripping up flooring.  All we knew for sure is that we were prepared to be put to work.
I had my car ride treats ready, bags packed, and puppies in the back excitedly awaiting an adventure.

Maybe 10 minutes after we arrived on Friday night, Neal and I started ripping wallpaper.  His mother had been casually ripping away while talking to us, and after hearing that sweet sound of letting go, I knew I had to join!

Since the first time Neal took me to his parents’ house, I have wanted to rip the wall paper down.  Half of it was coming off slowly in the corners or where two papers met anyways.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate wallpaper all that much actually, I just don’t like older, less stylish, peeling paper.
We couldn’t locate the screwdriver, so I used this awesome antique paper opener to take down the electrical covers J

The next morning Walden woke me up with the rising of the sun.  Isn't he cute just so sweet!

I figured I should make the most of my time and workout.  I almost finished going through all 4 of the Tone It Up L<3VE Your Body Series Workouts before anyone was awake!  After that, Neal’s dad drove me to the gym down the road to run 2 miles.  It had just snowed, and since I hardly ever drive, he offered (felt quilted) into taking me.

My heart rate monitor keeps failing me, so even though I worked out for over an hour, it still shows 0 calories burned.  It thinks I am dead.

I came home to a wonderful sweet southern cooked breakfast.  For some reason, the picture I took was deleted or never saved.  We had little smokies, eggs, & biscuit w/ strawberry jelly, YUM!
 Then it was back to work!  Neal & his father started taking apart furniture and moving it into one of those pods while his mother, his aunt & I continued stripping wallpaper. 

They took us out to Charlotte TN where I finally got to go into the Amish store I had been wanting to explore every time I drove past it on my way in and out of town.  I got some great deals on a few things I have wanted to try.  The guacamole chips were more for Neal than myself, and they taste just like fritos, oh well!
While the rest of the family ate some delicious supreme pizza, I enjoyed a just as tasty Spinach Artichoke pizza!  I have a throat scope on Friday, so I am being extra careful to avoid tomatoes & coconut, my two allergy foods.
We finished up helping his parents by going to Lowes to look at light fixates, tile, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and more.  Most of the items they already had picked out, but it was nice to see what it all will eventually look like in their beautiful countryside home.
I can’t wait to show you pictures of the before and after!  Their house is seriously going to be gorgeous!
Happy Monday ya’ll!  Here's some cute Sasha pictures to brighten your day!

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