Thursday, February 21, 2013

Groupon & Power Yoga

Last night I had the opportunity to go back to yoga class, and I was thrilled!

In the summer of 2012, my friend Danielle & I purchased a Groupon for a month of unlimited yoga.  I think we went 3-5 times a week!  It was amazing!  I loved the mindset I was in after classes.  The strength and flexibility I gained from classes made me feel incredible.  I feel in love with yoga.  Then the month ended, and I did not pay for more classes.

Finally, almost a half year later, I found myself back to Evansville Power Yoga. 

Last nights class was a 'Beginners' Level 1 & 2.  Mark, our instructor, is great at making sure everyone is in tune with themselves and the room.  He ensures you are pushing yourself and going further or deeper into a move.  There was a lot more cardio involved in yesterdays class than in previous classes I had attended.  I felt great after the workout and am very glad I have incorporated a weekly power yoga class into my Half Training Workouts.

Mark is also a great Graphic Designer & artist  I loved these pieces:

To keep on my training schedule, I woke up at 5am & hit the gym to run my 6 mile tempo run.  There were a lot more people at they gym than I normally see in the morning, which is great!

After my run, I came home to Neal finishing up breakfast.  Yummy steel cut oats & Chocolate Raspberry Coffee!

Question of the day:
Have you ever purchased a Groupon?  If it was something like fitness, hair salon, laser or massage, do you ever go back after your Groupon has been used?

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