Friday, March 1, 2013

Allergy Season

Ugh, I hate allergies.  I hate allergies because it seems like now sometimes my head will feel like a helium inflated balloon & other times my throat is too sore to swallow comfortably.  Thank you eosinphillic esophogitis! Ugh.

Since Tuesday I have felt icky.  First my throat just felt raw, sore & scratched.  I didn't want to go to the doctor yet since I didn't see any white dot things in the back of my throat or have a fever to indicate that it could be strep.  So I went on with my work day & then onto my speed run for the half marathon training

Tuesday night, sleep seemed to never come.  My throat hurt so much!  I found a cough drop to suck on around midnight & woke up with it still partially dissolved at 5am.  Talk about a dry mouth!  I could hardly even talk when I woke up.  Every syllable hurt as it got stuck in the back of my throat and wouldn't let me make any form of verbal communication.

I went to the local grocer where I found Traditional Medicinals tea & Burt's Bees Natural Throat Drops.  I took as many as I could.

I decided to skip out on Power Yoga and take a workout break.  I felt mentally drained & even though I felt the tea helping my throat, I still could barely talk and didn't visit the doctor to 100% rule out a viral infection.  You never want to be the one that gets everyone else sick, right?

Wednesday night passed with the help of an Advil & a melatonin.  I woke up with a sore throat, but not as sore as I had the night before.  At 7:30 am I had a visit to the allergist planned to go over my recent EE scope anyways, so I figured I'd ask them what was going on.

I had some more tea and was on my way!

The allergist confirmed what I had thought all along.  My EE had improved, but not enough to stop taking my inhaler daily & a protonix when I felt acid reflux occurring.  Ugh again.  They checked my throat and concluded that it was likely sore due to a combination of allergies & acid reflux.  I was prescribed to take a nasal spray (thankfully they had a sample for me!) and some protonix for a few days.

Now it's Friday, officially 4 days since the start of me feeling like shit began.  My throat feels much better, but now my head is getting the big helium inflated balloon feeling.  Ugh.  I just want to feel 100% and to get back on with my half marathon training!

A special thanks to my friend that suggested the Traditional Medicinals tea. Natasha got me hooked on their Raspberry Leaf for menstrual reasons & now I am obsessed with Gypsy Cold Cure & Throat Coat!  Also, my friend Mary told me about cutting up a garlic clove and having it with a glass of water after every meal.  Garlic helps relieve toxins & let me tell you, I actually LOVE this stuff, some people find it bitter, but not me.  I have been cutting up cloves and popping them like candy!  My throat feels better, now lets see if we can get my head there too!

For now, I will keep drinking my tea & eating my garlic! 
I heard that Ginger Tea is good for acid reflux, thankfully Traditional Medicinals also makes a ginger tea!  Once I am over the head/throat stuff, I'll give it a try!
Questions of the day
  • Do you try any homeopathic remedies when you are sick? ...tea, garlic, steam bath, gargling of liquids etc.
  • Do you have any suggestions for me on my crazy throat/head/acid reflux issues. ...gee I sound like I am so sick, but I promise you, I really am feeling better & I am a healthy person typically!

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