Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Dinner Posts with Super Easy Meals!

My husband & I are in the middle of a minor kitchen 'remodel'.  Okay, really we are just putting up a new tile back splash & our project keeps taking just a little longer than planned. 

First, we thought we would be finished by Saturday evening.  We watched DIY Videos and were set!  Well today is Monday, our kitchen is still a wreck, and we said we would finish today.  Oh life, how you get in the way with work, Etsy business, working out & the numerous other excuses we can find to put off finishing the back splash until 'tomorrow'.

I am writing this as I am munching on what may be the last little bit of food that we don't have to prepare, a lovely pimento sandwich on Ezekiel bread &  a salad with homemade balsamic dressing, nuts, peppers & cheese.  I am desperate for a real home 'cooked' meal.  We ate our Friday, Saturday & Sunday! WHAT!  Normally we only eat out one day a week, and that's on Pizza Sunday where we order pizza, pick it up and really eat in while watching "Weeds", "Lost" or a movie from the library.  If you haven't checked out your library for free movies, you need to do so!

Onto the meal planning.  This week I plan on making the following:

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese with bacon.  This is one of my favorites because I am in  love with goat cheese, pesto, avocado & of course, bacon!

Shrimp Stir Fry, because we ended up not making it last week.

  • Ingredients

    • 15-20 Medium Cooked Shrimp (or you can cook yourself)
    • 3 Cups of frozen veggies. Walmart actually sells a stir fry veggie bag in their frozen section that I use
    • 2 T Olive Oil
    • Homemade Teriyaki sauce, the sauce that's in the Walmart bag, or a mixture of sauces from the fridge is what I do
  • How to cook

    • Prep your shrimp by defrosting them if frozen or cooking them if they are uncooked. We put ours in a bowl of water, changing out the water with luke warm to cool water until they are no longer frozen. Pat them dry & remove the tails.
    • Put your shrimp with your sauce mix in a separate bowl so it can marinate some flavor.
    • Heat a pan on medium, add your olive oil & cook your vegetables how you like them. Add a little of the sauce to the pan while you are cooking.
    • Toss the shrimp and rest of the sauce into the pan. Warm it all up and serve!

    Fish with Julie's Ginger Curry Cauliflower.  This is super easy and delicious.  Fish is kinda my go to meal when I need something easy & quick.
    • We simply thaw out frozen fish & lightly season it with pre mixed seasoning.  My favorite is Northwoods seasoning.  Then we put a pan on medium heat, melt a little butter & coo for 2-4 minutes on each side.

    Lastly, another crock pot recipe, Chicken Gumbo Ya Ya.  This one is from my father & his girlfriend Kim.  We can't wait to try it!

    This makes my week nice and easy when I have it all planned out for dinner.  Hopefully our kitchen will be back to normal so I can cook up the fish or shrimp stir fry tomorrow!

    Question of the day:

    What's your go to easy dinner meal?

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