Friday, March 8, 2013

March 2013 Workouts

Friday, March 1st - off, sick

Saturday, March 2nd 
  • 7.1 miles in 65minutes!  Not bad for 3 days of being sick!  Long run pace (8:50) for half marathon training
Sunday, March 3rd - off

Monday, March 4th 
  • Power Yoga
Tuesday, March 5th
  • Speed run for half marathon training 4x800m at 7:15 pace
Wednesday, March 6th
  • Power Yoga
Thursday, March 7th
  • 8 mile tempo run at 8:05 pace for half marathon training. I had to walk a little bit because I simply didn't have enough energy, but still made the run in 68 min!  Running this far in the morning before a FULL breakfast doesn't work for me.
Friday, March 8th
  • Off...? I forgot!
Saturday, March 9th
  • 8 mile long run, my average pace was 8:59, only 9 seconds slower than I was supposed to aim for yay!  It was my first training run outdoors.  If you don't know, I hate the cold.  So it was finally warm enough for an outdoor run!
Sunday, March 10th
  • Off!
Monday, March 11th
  • Off! Oops!  Time go the best of me :)
Tuesday, March 12th
  • 6x400 speed training runs.  7:03 pace, 90 second break between sprints
Wednesday, March 13th
  • Power Yoga!
Thursday, March 14th
  • 6 mile Tempo run.  8:05 pace
Friday, March 15th
  • No workout!
Saturday, March 16th
  • 7K Race - Run of Luck with USI Running series!  I got 2nd in my division!
Sunday, March 17th
  • off!
Monday, March 18th
  • TIU Beach Babe DVD Surfer Girl workout
Tuesday, March 19th
  • Speed runs 4x1600m 7:45 pace with 90 sec rest intervals.
Wednesday, March 20th
  • Yoga!
Thursday, March 21st
  • Too busy, took the day off :)
Friday, March 22nd
  • HITT the Beach with TIU
Saturday, March 23nd
  • 5.5 + mile run with Sasha!  About 55 minutes and lovely run along the Ohio Riverfront in Newburgh.
Sunday, March 24th- off
Monday, March 25th - off? I forgot to write it down
Tuesday, March 26th 
  • 3x800m, run, 90 second interval breaks.
Wednesday, March 27th
  • Power Yoga
Thursday, March 28th - off
Friday, March 29th - off
Saturday March 30th
  • 3 mile trail run with Walden
Sunday, March 31st- off


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