Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Dinners & Druzies

Neal & I finished putting up our kitchen back splash on Friday evening, and now we need to take time to cook some yummy meals & enjoy our beautiful 'new' kitchen!

This week we are finishing up some leftovers, making my new favorite crock pot dish, Italian beef, and going back to a tasty recipe I used to make a ton before I found out I was allergic to tomatoes!

Meal 1 - Burgers
Neal made some burgers on Saturday when we had some friends over, and we had a few extra, so we are going to be warming those back up to enjoy!  Neal seriously makes the best burgers.  He gets good ground beef, adds in spices, grills to perfections & tops with cheese.  These burgers always rock!

Meal 2 - Shrimp Pasta
Cooked shrimp, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, whole wheat pasta, & roasted red pepper Alfredo sauce here we come!

Meal 3 - Italian Beef, crock pot style
This was my favorite recipe from the Crock Pot Challenge.  I love how flavorful the beef gets & it's so simple & great for leftovers!  Here's the original recipe.

Meal 4 - Chicken Parmesan Bundles
I used to make these as a specialty before I realized I was allergic to tomatoes.  I cut them out of the meal plan since they have marinara in them, however I am going to substitute a creamy pesto sauce for the marinara.  Here's the original recipe from Kraft foods.

That's it!  We will have plenty of leftovers from these meals for dinner or some lunch mixings.

Happy start of the week!  I'm off to go get creative with these beauties.  New designs will be on the Etsy shop over the next few weeks!


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