Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fitness Accountability

How long has it been since I have been regularly exercising?  I think possibly since SEPTEMBER!
This morning as I picked back up on a workout posted on Tone It Up, I felt so good.  Why wouldn't this feeling of happiness and endorphins keep me coming back daily?  It's strange how something that I know feels good and is great for my health and well-being can be so easily pushed to the side. 
     "I am going to do a big workout tomorrow."
     "I don't have time today."
     "I want to hang out with friends"
     "It's time for my television show to come on."
     "I worked out really well yesterday, so I can skip today."
     "I have to cook dinner."
     "I just don't want to..."
Excuses, excuses, excuses. 
We all have excuses for why we don't workout, why we don't get our papers finished, why we don't meet a deadline, yet in most situations all we are doing (I'll speak for myself) is thinking of all the other things we want to do in lieu, or we are just being flat out lazy, or we are letting stress get the best of us.  (I typically side with the latter). 
I have blogged about this similar mindset/issue 2 other times now in the last 6 months! (See Dear Gym, I Missed You... and Personal Fitness Goals). 
I am cyclic when it comes to exercise!  Period, end of story.  I will have weeks of determination, hitting the gym, yoga mat, road, or an at home video almost ever day.  Then, I will have weeks 'off' maybe only fueling my body with a good workout 1-2 times in the entire week!  October has been one of those 'off' months. 
I would love to be more routine, but sometimes you just can't be superwoman.  I just need to remember that when I am stressed or overworked, a good workout can really cheer me up. 

Also, I need to learn to lean on my accountability partner.  What is an accountability partner?  They are someone to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.  Accountability partners are great for your fitness accountability , financial accountability, healthy living accountability, that person who keeps you on track at work, or the one who reminds you to call into the work meetings...Thanks Emily!

For my fitness accountability partner  that is split between 4 people, 3 of which I don't even know personally!  The first person I have is, of course, my husband.  He is great at getting to the gym most times, but sometimes he literally can't fit it into his constantly changing and demanding work schedule.  Or sometimes he is like me and we BOTH find excuses not to workout!  The other 3 people are bloggers.  I love the blog Peanut Butter Fingers, Julie has some great workouts, motivating stories, and is an upbeat person.  In many of her daily posts, she describes a workout she did that morning, either talking about it or posting the full routine.  Hearing her stories inspire me to get my butt moving.  The final two people are ones you have heard me talk about a lot.  They are the girls from Tone It Up, Karena & Katrina..  They are always upbeat in their videos, they obviously have so much fun being an inspiration to women, and are passionate about fitness.  Simply downloading their monthly workout calendar or following their Blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds can be an inspiration enough to get moving.

What kind of accountability partners do you have in your life? (fitness, finance, work etc.) And who are they?

Alas, I will leave you with this image of Ramsey Falls.  My 2nd of only two workouts from last week was a beautiful fall hike up to Ramsey Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The 8 mile round trip trek was sparsely traveled, full of color, and breathtaking!  (more on this hike to come once I get the pictures from my friend who went with me!)

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