Friday, October 12, 2012

Dollar Store Decor & More

I absolutely love fall!  It's, by far, my favorite season! 

Here are just of the few things I love about fall!

Cheaper Decor

After seeing the beautiful designs in Pottery Barn's catalog, I decided I wanted some Halloween decorations, but wasn't about to spend big money.  I loved their bats, the furry spider, and all the cobwebs.  However, I couldn't justify spending $22.50 to get 3 bats and another $22.50 to get 3 spiders.   Of course this looks amazing, but I couldn't spend that money.  Neal would think I was nuts!
From Pottery Barn

So instead, I made a few crafts and did some dollar store shopping! 

My First craft was to spray paint some old wine bottles with a glassy finish.  It was easy and took very little time to spray 3 coats!  And I have gotten to use these for mom's Liquor and Lace party I hosted.

I then got a skull, 3 bats, 1 bag of 'spiderwebbing' and a big spider at the local Dollar General for less than $15 dollars!  That's all the decor I wanted from Pottery Barn, plus some, for less than the cost of one set of spider or bats!


I purchased leaves at Hobby Lobby last year when they were discounted and used those to drape the blinds.

Our living room is looking pretty Spook-tastic!

I hope you are inspired to take your favorite looks and find alternative that will look for you!

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