Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Banana Pudding Ever!

Ooey gooey, sweet and savory, scents of bananas, vanilla, and sugar fill the air as we bake up an amazing batch of warm homemade banana pudding!
The typical Monday on Lively Happenings opens with a post about dinners for the upcoming week.  This week will be different than most weeks.  I am going to be in East TN for part of the week, Neal has a company dinner another night, and we are only going to have one dinner together at home these upcoming weekdays.  Thus, I instead wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite desserts.


Neal's family makes the best banana pudding ever!  Okay, so honestly, I hadn't had banana pudding until meeting his family, but now I am completely addicted.

I am obsessed with his family's banana pudding!  It's so creamy, so sweet, so warm, so rich, such a decadent dessert!  To top it off, it's easy to make!

Homemade Banana Pudding
2 Cups milk
1 Cup sugar
1 T butter
3 eggs - split the yolk from the whites
3 T flour
1 box vanilla wafers
3 bananas
1 t vanilla extract
2 T sugar
3 egg whites from the eggs that are split
In a sauce pan, combine the the milk, egg yellows, sugar, and flour on low-medium heat until thick and pudding-like.  Stir constantly and do not let it burn!
In an 8X8 pan, layer 1/2 the box of wafers, one and a half bananas sliced, half the pudding.  Then add another layer of the remaining ingredients.
Beat egg whites with 2 T sugar and the vanilla extract until they are fluffy and form 'peaks' when you drag them up with a spoon.  Place this on the top of the banana pudding layers. 
Place the pudding in the oven at 350 degrees until the top of the whipped mix is brown.

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