Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yoga 4 ♥ Tonight!

I am exeptionally excited about my workout tonight, it's called Yoga 4 !  How cool is that!?  Now what exactly is Yoga 4 ?  I will copy what the host, my friend Kimberly, says about the event:

My BESTFRIEND is getting married...SO i want to get the people I LOVE all together to give back thru the POWER of YOGA.

This practice will be excepting donations to go towards the future of Mr. and Mrs.

Meet at the Riverfront by the statues. The practice will start no later then 6:15pm so we can flow with the sunset.

All levels of yoga are welcome.

I'll bring the tiki torches you bring a yoga mat, a friend, and most importantly your love ♥

Since starting the Facebook group for the event, Kimberly has posted some inspirational, beautiful, and hilarious posts!  Below are some of my favorites:

Practice this one for your BIG day
BIG THANKS to those who have already confirmed they have a BIG HEART ♥ Om is where the ♥ heart ♥ is....
We need to recreate this:
Couples who do yoga together...are inspired...breath stronger...share space...look/feel longer to love eachother...
Yoga 4 Love is almost here ♥
If you are in the Evansville area, come out to Yoga 4 ♥ tonight, arrive between 5:45-6pm at this downtown riverfront location shown here:

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