Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Candy & Workouts

I love a good chocolate candy bar!  I can hardly resist Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Resses, Butterfingers, Hershey's Bars, Twix, and so many more.  I purchased a little of most of those candies to pass out tonight to little ones.  You would think that in order for me to not eat a ton of candy that I would simply not purchase my favorites, but I don't want to pass out candy that I wouldn't have loved to get myself as a child!

I have been eating about 3 pieces of 'Fun Size' candy a day since Monday.  That's not horrible, but it's much more than my normal consumption of sweets in a single week!

I am ready for tonight with my candy bowl :)

Happy Hour Workouts, quick and simple ways to keep moving after candy!

To combat my candy cravings today, I am going to do happy hour workouts.  Every hour I am doing 31 repetitions of an exercise.  So far I have done sit-ups and push-ups.  I will likely do lunges and squats as well.  I have my timer set for 60 minutes and once it goes off, I stop working for a minute, do my exercise, and reset the timer.   

I hope you enjoy Halloween!  Please keep all the families in the Northeastern United States in your thoughts. I keep seeing the harrowing scenes on the news with floods and fires, my heart goes out to everyone affected.

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