Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Menu Monday 11.5-11.9

Ooops!  The weekend caught the best of me and I didn't do any meal planning until this morning as Neal and I munched on some delicious Pumpkin Wrap-ups.  (Recipe to come!)

This was a busy weekend for Neal and myself!  On Friday, we both were exhausted from an extra long work week where I put in 47 hours and Neal put in near 55!  We decided it was the perfect night for beer and Mexican food!  After our dinner, we passed out from exhaustion.  It's weeks like that where I am thankful that we don't yet have someone little to take care of, because honestly, I don't know how moms do it sometimes!

On Saturday, I spent the majority of my morning crafting beautiful jewelery for my Etsy store, Lively Happenings:

In the mid afternoon, before our super hard workout, we dropped Walden off for a 2 night stay at dog daycare so he wouldn't be tempted to eat our couch while we were out.  :)  He's adorable that way!  Sasha, on the other hand, got to enjoy 2 nights of loving from just Mom & Dad!

The remainder of Saturday was spent at Neal's company's appreciation dinner.  I forgot to take pictures, but we looked good!  We stayed out a little later than I had planned, but thankfully daylight savings helped us out, because we had an even bigger day on Sunday....Nashville for a Titans game!!!

My first NFL game was a BUST! Neal had won tickets to the Titans vs the Bears game and we were SO excited to get to go. We had amazing seats! Now if only the Titan's had been amazing...the final score was 51-20 with the Bears just kicking out butts. It was quite sad. Neal's friends also came up for the game, so we left around half time... :( Driving home in the dark and experiencing a disappointing first NFL game did not make for an enjoyable 3 hour drive back home.

However, we did have fun in between driving and a disappointing game.  We got some cute pictures as well!

There was a rainbow in the sky that I first saw through Neal's glasses so I got my 'artistic angle'.

 This was where our seats were...no zooming in required!

And us in the seats!  So excited!
 Loved this Nashville skyline & a yacht on the water.  It couldn't get much better than that!

Looks like the Batman building is coming out of his head!

Since Walden was in daycare until Monday, Sasha got lots of loving when we came home, and she even slept at the foot of the bed almost all night!

On Monday morning, instead of getting our meal plan together & writing the Menu Monday blog post, I took a few hours to update my Etsy site, Lively Happenings, and celebrate that the store had been opened for a full month!  I am excited to say that I have sold over 15 items on and off the Etsy site!  Now I am hoping for an even better 2nd month!  Only time can tell!

Now finally for the food that I promise comes with Menu Monday.

Meal 1 - Chicken Pesto-Alfredo Pasta
This meal can be prepared various ways.  We took the easiest way possible.  First we boiled water for the pasta, we had linguine, and we cut up 2lbs of chicken in to bite sized pieces and cooked them over medium heat on the stove with some spices.  Once the chicken was cooked, I cut up roasted red peppers and grabbed 2 large handfuls of spinach to heat up & wilt with the chicken on low heat.  Once the spinach was wilted, I added 1/2 a jar of pesto (4 oz), and a jar of Alfredo.  No homemade sauce this week, we wanted to make this meal very simple as were were both still exhausted from our long day on Sunday!  In the oven I warmed 2 slices of sourdough bread with butter & garlic salt at 350 degrees for 5 minutes.  Once the pasta had cooked, I tossed it into my chicken & sauce mix and we enjoyed!

Meal 2 - Pork Loin with Beans & Rice
Neal went grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a pork loin which we will cook in the oven according to package directions.  I am cooking up some wild rice on the stove top and am getting black or red beans to toss into the rice. 

Meal 3 - Vegetable Chowder
I simply love a good broccoli & cheddar soup.  I have had this recipe pinned to my Pinterest board "Scrumptious Foods" for at least a year.  It's finally time to try it out!

Meal 4 - Beef Tacos
Neal told me this morning to "But a taco kit" and we will have that one night.  Honestly, I am not sure I know what a 'taco kit' is...but he explained it was a box with sauces, shells, and seasonings.  So I said, "Oh, okay, now I just need to buy the lean beef and lettuce."  To which he responded, "Yea, you just need to buy the beef."  I don't think he cares so much about the lettuce.  :)

Question of the day - "Taco Kit"...  Is this a common meal in your house?  If so, do you have an recommendations?


  1. I made tacos with my roommates and friends in Pennsylvania fairly often. We just bought the tortillas, beef, toppings, and taco seasonings, which commonly come in a packet. I've also tried the taco kit Neal told you to buy. The kits are typically for making hard shell tacos.

    1. Good to know. I think that the hard shell taco was actually the reason he wanted me to get the kit!