Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quickie Workout and the Desire for Yoga

This morning I started to wake up around 4:30 and was NOT in a great mood.  I did not want to get out of my cozy bed.  I had taken a melatonin last night and was still groggy.  However, I changed my attitude and decided to do the Tone it Up Workout that was posted yesterday.

Working out was the fix I needed!  I immediately became in a better mood as I finished 4 rounds of the Tone it Up Quickie Workout (click to try it yourself!).  You do four total body exercises and can repeat the workout 4 times like I did.  I highly recommend giving this one a try!

I did the first round of the TIU Quickie Workout with 5 pound weights.  The 2nd & 3rd rounds I used 8 pound weights and then would switch to 5 pounds part way through an exercise if I was feeling too week to continue.  ON my final round I would switch between 5 to 3 pounds.  And boy was I feeling it!   This workout is the perfect workout when you are short on time!  My arms, legs, booty, and shoulders were all feeling nicely worked out. 

There was a pop-up video in the bottom of the Tone it Up workout called "Yoga Where You Least Expect It" and it was all about Tara Stiles, a girl from a small Midwestern town with bigger dreams.  She moved to New York, has been practicing and teaching yoga, and went back to her hometown to demonstrate the power of yoga.  After watching the video while I was cooking breakfast, I became calmer, I remembered how much I loved yoga, and I think I may have to do some yoga tonight after work!.

Here's the video with Tara Stiles if you are interested!

2 Yummy Breakfasts:

Eggs and turkey bacon.  This is our typical protein powered breakfast.  We cook 9 eggs.  Yes you heard right NINE!  We use 6 egg whites and 3 whole eggs, scrambled with a little milk.  We found the only way to cook turkey bacon is on the stove top.  Microwave turkey bacon is gag worthy.

Pumpkin & Walnut Steel Cut Oats.  Prepared for 2: Cook 2 servings of steel cut oats (regular plain oats are fine too). Near the end of the cooking, add in 1/4-1/2 cup of chopped walnuts (however nutty you want it), 1/2 C Pumpkin (canned) 1/2 t Allspice, 1/2 t Nutmeg, 1.5 t Cinnamon, and 1 T of Brown Sugar. You can add more or less of the spices and sugar pending on how flavorful and sweet you want your tasty pumpkin/walnut steel cut oats.

Question of the Morning:  Do you ever workout in the AM?  Why or why not?

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