Friday, December 14, 2012

Shop for a Cause

My how the days have flown by me!

I was in training last week back at the Nashville office, and I didn’t take time to do a single post since then!  I have stayed busy working, making Christmas presents, shopping, cooking, wrapping presents, cleaning, fixing things that Walden destroys (he ate his dog bed and some beautiful throw pillows including this flower one & I still need to fix/remake them all…), & I have also stayed busy working on some beautiful creations for the Lively Happenings shop on Etsy! 

I wanted to do something special this Christmas season.  I wanted to give back in a way that allows my creativity to come through while benefiting a great cause.

For every purchase from the Lively Happenings store, I will make a one of a kind piece for Strings for Hope!

Strings for Hope is founded by a great woman who lives near Music City (NASHVILLE!)!  This woman’s daughter was at a friend’s house one afternoon, when the daughter came back, her mother asked her what they had for lunch.  Her daughter replied, “We didn’t have lunch”.  The reasoning for no lunch was no fault of the parent’s; the family simply didn’t have the funds to afford 3 full meals a day.  Being so deeply touched, this great woman knew she had to get involved one way or another to change not only this family, but hundreds of families. Being the wife of a musician, she constantly saw broken guitar strings being thrown away, and she knew there was something that could be done with them to make a profit. Her and other designers, such as myself, up-cycle used guitar strings to make jewelry sold at craft shows and music festivals. All of the proceeds go towards curing hunger!  Now how great is that!

To learn more about Strings for Hope visit their website
Keep up-to date on venues and events where you can purchase these pieces by liking them on Facebook.!/StringsForHope

So help me to help this great organization!  Purchase from my shop, or directly from me & I will match piece by piece an item I will make from guitar strings & donate to Strings for Hope.

Here’s a few of my previous designs:
Pendant, Bracelet, Earrings
 Christmas Ornaments
 A Few More Bracelets

Do you have a great charity you are supporting this holiday season?
FYI Strings for Hope is in Memphis Today at the Shop ‘Til Ya Drop Holiday Extravaganza at the Memphis Cook Convention Center.  Click here for more info!

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