Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend Workout

This morning we awoke to the most beautiful scene of fresh snow.

The melting from yesterday was again covered with brilliant crystal snowflakes.
 The trees looked magnificent.

The Winter Wonderland continued.

I worked my real job for 3 hours to catch up on some items I pushed off over the holidays.  During that time I planned out my day:  workout, vacuum my office and craft room, hang pictures & curtains with Neal, play in the snow with the puppies and relax.
In the meantime, Neal received and early birthday gift in the mail, Omaha Steaks!

2 filet mignons, 2 top sirloins, 2 wild salmon fillets, two ole stuffed with scallops & crab, 6 stuffed baked potatoes & 6 molten-lava cakes.  YUM!  Thanks dad :) 

I just finished my first after work task, my workout, and feel energized to write the post and get along with my day! 
I did this Victoria’s Secret workout.  It was a great bum burner!
I then did 3 sets of the NYE Cocktail Dress Workout with Katrina.
Walden can't stand not being in the room with me:
I can feel warmth in my glutes and my triceps most of all right now.  I know tomorrow I will be sore, and I love that!
Happy Weekend!  Try these workouts, both have great videos to follow and let me know what you think!

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