Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating.  One of my favorite things!

My cousin shared some of her amazingly cute décor she did for this holiday season, and I was inspired to use some of her printable as well as share some of my own décor touches! 
We don’t have kids yet, but when we do, I am sure the décor styles will change a little.  For now, this is perfect.

First, we have two trees.  Yes, I know we are just two people & two dogs, but I LOVE decorating.  I believe for a few years while growing up in East TN, we had 5 trees.  I kid you not, five.  A main tree was located in the downstairs family room, a skinny tree in the sun room, another tree in my parent’s study, a colorful tree in the upstairs family room (kids family room), and one in my bed room.  It’s nuts when I think about it now, yet here I am with 2 trees in a house 1/5th the size of that which I grew up in.  Nuts. 
That tree that was in my bedroom as a yougin’ is now in my adult office.  I figure if I work from home, I have the tree, I am in the office all day, I might as well have a nice backdrop this holiday season.  The skinny tree in the sunroom I mentioned that we had growing up was my favorite.  It was COVERED in blue delft ornaments.  My mother gave all of those ornaments away as gifts one year while she worked in the front office at a local elementary school.  I was devastated.  Both my parents have been giving me blue delft ornaments ever since as Christmas presents.  Below, is my mini tree with some of the blue delft ornaments I have been given over the years.   I wrote this post on Monday, on Wednesday I received a massive box from my mother with our Christmas presents.  What was inside...?  More blue delft ornaments!!!
I also added a few Christmas signs onto my favorite little shutter board
Printable 1 - Elf Quote
Printable 2 - Christmas Tree Words
Printable 3 - Christmas Phrases
Christmas Cards - white w/ pop-up tree

In our living room sits our main tree.  Last year we were going to buy a tree, but we waited to late in the season.  This year, we didn’t wait.  We got a big tree, and I love it!
Christmas card have been mounted to the DIY Cork Board

Because we kept a red, silver & gold theme on our main tree, we weren’t able to use all the ornaments we love.  Thus, we found an alternative solution and hung them on golden strands dangling from command hooks on our ceiling!
I made our own stockings. These are in replica of some of our favorite things.  Neal’s is a beer mug (he’s not an alcoholic, he & a friend brew beer), mine is an ice cream cone, & Sasha’s & Walden's are, of course, dog bones.  Perhaps I should have made Walden one with leather in the shape of a couch :) (see the link for the most devastating dog eat couch destruction you may ever see).


I then used another sign my cousin had in her blog and hung it along side stars.  Next to them, the spray painted wine bottles have made their return and are accompanied by a cute elf topper from a wine gift we were given! 

Mary & Joseph watch over baby Jesus in the most beautiful and special Waterford nativity scene.  This was given to me after my grandmother passed.  I received it in the mail 3 year ago right before Christmas on my Grandmother’s Birthday.  It’s very special to me.  The 3 Wise Men are missing.  We haven’t yet figured out if she didn’t have them, or if they have been misplaced.

And the table has been set:

Who could forget the great outdoors?  Uh-oh…this means I have 3 trees….


Merry Christmas Ya’ll!


  1. I love everything!! You inspire me!!
    Love ya!

    1. Thanks! I was planning this post when I saw your Christmas tour, truly beautiful! Happy Holidays!