Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Workout Inspirations

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What inspires your workouts?  Are you a fitness class fanatic, running queen, strength training gal, or more of the at home healthy lady?  I am personally a little bit of all of these.  I enjoy a great yoga class, I can run indoors or out, I don’t mind being in the weight section of the gym where mostly men are found, and I also totally love my DVD’s when I don’t want to leave the house.
During most of these winter months, I need more inspiration to work out than ever.  It’s dreary outside, cold & wet.  It’s the holidays & I have preoccupied my mind and time with getting gifts ready and working on my business.  But yesterday I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs and knew I just HAD to get to the gym.
Julie’s Hot Hot Hot Holiday Circuit Workout was just that…HOT.  I was toasty and my heart was pumping after doing 2 sets of each of the 3 circuits.  I did most of her moves and substituted some.  Example, instead of box jumps, I did side-to-side steps on the bosu ball and instead of jumping jacks, I did jump lunges.  Yes, my buns were hurting and I am sure will hurt even worse tomorrow, but I feel like a fool when I do jumping jacks.  I am not very coordinated J

Here’s my wrap up of my favorite places to get workout inspiration:
Tone it Up – a community where you will find women who support each other’s dreams & healthy lifestyles.  You can find lots of free workouts and tasty recipes by two inspirational trainers, Karena & Katrina
Peanut Butter Fingers – a blog where Julie will let you into her life by sharing some of her workout tips, free workouts, healthy food choices, and life as a blogger & wife.
Pinterest – I enjoy finding short workouts and fitness quotes to inspire me
BodyBuilding.Com – It’s not just for men.  I modify many of the workouts my husband finds on this site into workouts I can do by going at a lighter weight and higher reps.  They also have female plans that you can follow.  I haven’t done any yet, but am thinking this may be something I will try in 2013
Friends, Family, & Your Pets – simply ask those you know what they are doing to stay fit & healthy

Here’s a wrap-up of my favorite at home workouts: & Shape Magazine – they always have 2-3 full workouts in each monthly magazine, you can also find workouts on their website, many of which you can do easily at home with just your body weight or possibly some light weight, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, or a kettle ball
Turbo Jam – this was one of my first workout DVDs and I am in love with the trainer, Chalene, and her energy as she guides you through a kickboxing cardio style workout
P90X – You don’t have to follow Tony’s 90 fitness plan, you can just do a number of his exercises on the days you don’t want to leave the house.  You will need weights, a pull-up bar, a towel for your sweat and about an hour of your time

Where do you get your workout inspiration?

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