Wednesday, June 11, 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant! Hello 3rd Trimester!

I'm starting to really laugh at some of the fruit size comparisions week-by-week.  I don't know about you, but I've never seen a 13-14 inch eggplant... So when I was in the grocery store, I thought, what would I actually want to eat that's about 13 inches...ahh CORN! mm!  I came home, Neal measured, and sure enough the corn I had picked was about 13.5 inches, the approximate length of baby girl from tip of the head to the bottom of the toes.

How far along: 28
Gender: Girl!
Weight gained: 19 lbs
Inches gained: About 8
Working Out:  Yep, see below!
Clothing Choices:  I tend to wear dresses or skirts outside of the house and workout clothes while home.
Belly button: Outty for sure! No room for this thing to go back in.
Sleep: I think I’m starting to get more tired again.  I want to crawl in bed about 8:30 pm every night!
Best moment this week: Putting baby girl’s crib together!  We had to take the door down & put it back up into her room (an I told you so moment for me) after we put it together in the living room.
Hardest moment this week: Sciatica.  Pretty sure I’m getting it in my butt/hip. It’s been extremely painful at times.  It feels like a shooting pain or pinched nerve, sometimes causing me to walk funny.  It made me not do any workouts on Friday and not walk any extra over the weekend.
What I’m missing: Just being able to wear what I want out of my wardrobe. I feel like I wear the same things over and over because I’m trying not to purchase more.
Movement: She seems to be stretching and pushing out in certain spots a lot more.  I could even feel either a little foot, hand or elbow a few times solidly pushing against me.
Cravings:  Sweets. Ever since I took that glucose test, I’ve wanted more and more sweets. It’s like that sugary drink got me hooked!
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.
Looking forward to: Seeing some friends this weekend at my friend Candice’s wedding (we were roomies for about 2 years in college) and then hanging out with more friends at a shower/crafting party for my friend Brittany who is getting married in October!

Strange Dreams:  I had one very umm ‘romantic’ dream.  Let’s just say I was loving my hubby in my dream and woke up thinking OH MY GOSH! WOAH!
Week 28
  • Wednesday – Knocked Up Fitness DVD the Prenatal Fit Camp and Total Body Pilates in the AM and then in the PM I did the 40 Minute Turbo Jam Cardio Party DVD
  • Thursday – A 2 mile walk with the dogs
  • Saturday – Yoga Pulse DVD, the source yoga routine and a 1.5 mile walk
  • Sunday – Prenatal Yoga from here and a 1.5 mile walk
  • Monday – Tone it Up Bikini Arms (LOVE this one) a 2 mile walk (1 mile for each dog) and the 20 minute Prenatal Cardio from Denise Austin 
  • Tuesday – Tone it Up triple threat in the AM – Bikini Thighs, Love Your Body with Kettelbells and a new Yoga Routine from their website found here. Then I walked the dogs for a total of 1.5 miles  - and my butt/hip started hurting again…over did it, I don’t think I’ll get my 100miles by summer done b/c of the pain

 Oh and for giggles, you should check out this parody on "I'm So Fancy"

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