Tuesday, June 17, 2014

29 Weeks Pregnant!

Seriously, I never thought pregnancy would be so hard.  I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not hating it.  I am sure there are women WAY worse off than myself, but I HAVE to see a chiropractor.  My sciatica pain is simply over bearing every thing I do and causing me to be almost completely un-energetic. 

Oh, and baby girl really isn't quite the size of a baby (seedless) watermelon, but frankly, I wanted watermelon this week!  Technically she's the size of butternut squash in weight, possibly about 2.5 lbs and around 15 inches in length!  I just thought hmm if I was 15 inches, I bet I could ball myself up and I'd be about the size of this baby watermelon...maybe not quite, probably smaller, but oh well!

How far along: 29
Gender: Girl!
Weight gained: 20.2 lbs
Inches gained: About 8.5
Working Out:  Not as great this week due to sciatica pain, but I still stayed semi-active.  In the 3rd trimester, it’s recommended to gain .5-1 lb per week, more towards the .5 lbs, and I didn’t gain too much by any means at 1.2 lbs, but I do feel if I had worked out like normal I may be closer to have only gained .5 lbs.
Clothing Choices:  I’m loving maxi dresses!
Belly button: Outty for sure! No room for this thing to go back in.
Sleep: It’s not too bad, but I am getting up 2 times a night now.
Best moment this week: Little girl had 2 showers over the weekend.  One was with family and the other friends.  Both were really wonderful and we are blessed to have family and friends supporting our little girl already.  I really loved reading the notes friends left in Braelyn’s “Oh the Places You Will Go” book!
Hardest moment this week: Sciatica.  My butt pain is really killing me.  I can’t workout like I was and I’m getting restless, but then when I move around, I just want to cry sometimes.  I’m going to see a chiropractor.
What I’m missing: Working out.
Movement: She moves so much!  I really love it!
Cravings:  Cereal or sweets.  My stress cravings J
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.
Looking forward to: A weekend at home!  We are starting to slow down for the summer, and I couldn’t be happier!
Strange Dreams:  I think I’ve been so consumed with work; my dreams almost always revolve around something work related.  That’s no fun!

 Week 29
  • Wednesday and Thursday – I took these two days completely off so I could try to rest my butt pains.  I thought it would help, but it really didn’t.
  • Friday – Tone It UP Bikini Series Arms – I REALLY love this workout!
  • Saturday – ½ mile walk with the pups was all we had time for between Braelyn’s shower and my friend’s Wedding!  I danced when I could!
  • Monday – Tone it Up Bikini Arms, a little standing abs and 2.25 miles of walking

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