Tuesday, June 3, 2014

27 Weeks Pregnant

I can hardly believe that tomorrow starts the 3rd trimester!  I'm so excited to be getting closer and closer to meeting our little girl!  

This past week, and this current week are busy ones!  Both weeks, I have taken Monday off of work, and have thus needed to do 10 hour days Tuesday-Friday with my full-time IT Job.  Let me tell you, they are kicking my booty along with all the AMAZING Father's Day orders I've gotten on Lively Happenings!  If you haven't seen the guitar picks and collar stays, you should check them out!  Order by Saturday, June 8th and I'll get it in the mail by Tuesday - USPS shipping is 3-5 days!

I'm hoping to slow down a bit this week. In Lamaze class we talk a lot about deep breathing and relaxation techniques.  I've really tried to remind myself to do that when I've started to feel overwhelmed! 

How far along: 27
Gender: Girl!
Weight gained: 18.4 lbs
Inches gained: About 7.5
Working Out:  Yes, but not quite as much with my long work days, Etsy orders and busy travel schedule :-/
Clothing Choices:  I’m really just wearing yoga type clothes at home during the work day (thank goodness for working from home in this situation!) and then when I've gone out, I've typically worn a dress or skirt.
Belly button: Outty for sure
Sleep: I did not get enough this weekend while we traveled! It doesn't matter when I go to sleep, I’m always at least up by about 6:30am.
Best moment this week: Baby girl’s shower was really enjoyable!  I have to also say, spending some quality time with Neal in Chattanooga and then again on the lake in Loudon makes all the lack of sleep for traveling and having to work another 4 day, 10 hour days at work this week totally worth it!  We took Monday off work to leisurely travel back home from East TN, and we decided to spend most of our day on the lake and didn't even get home until almost 10pm!
Hardest moment this week: Car rides…oh those car rides. It’s amazing to me that my back and abdomen both can hurt from just sitting.
What I’m missing: A full night’s sleep without having to go to the bathroom!  But, I don’t even remember a time before I was pregnant that I've been able to do that! Ha!
Movement: She moves a lot and I love it!  So far she’s not knocked my breath out, but they are getting stronger.
Cravings:  Cereal. I always want cereal. But that’s the food I eat when I’m stressed, so I’m thinking that’s why I crave it!
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.  A little indigestion, but again, that’s nothing new even prior to pregnancy.
Looking forward to: Having a weekend where we DON’T have to travel!!! We get to stay in town this weekend and we are going to the Parade of homes and I simply can’t wait!  Oh and of course I’m TOTALLY THRILLED to be in the 3rd trimester tomorrow!
Strange Dreams:  I think I’m still just so exhausted that I can’t even remember any dreams I’ve had from this week…or they just weren't strange enough.

Workouts Week 27
  • Wednesday – Jessica Smith TV Prenatal Workout in the AM and a 1.5 mile puppy walk
  • Thursday  – Tone it Up Pink Flamingo Workout x 2 and a 2 mile dog walk
  • Saturday – 2 miles or more walking around downtown Chattanooga…I totally fell in love and would move here!
  • Monday – Swimming in the lake was my only ‘exercise’ today…oh and vacuuming out the truck lol so really just an active rest day!  Neal and I took off work to enjoy ourselves and East TN some more!
  • Tuesday - 

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