Tuesday, May 27, 2014

26 Weeks Pregnant

The little one is the size of a head of lettuce!  This week, I also am pretty sure I felt my first contractions...woah!  I called the doctor today to confirm everything was okay, because on Saturday I kept getting some pretty obnoxious cramps.  Turns out, they were likely contractions.  It's so wild to me what the body is already preparing me for with this little girl.  It's making it very real that one day, she's going to have to come out of me and her sweet little kicks I feel right now will turn into cute little wiggles hopefully coupled with some seriously baby giggles!

How far along: 26
Gender: Girl!
Weight gained: 16.4 lbs
Inches gained: About 7.5
Working Out:  Yes, but not on the weekend when I had strange cramps and then a little bleeding.
Clothing Choices:  I feel like all my shirts are too tight and I really wish I would have purchase one of the pairs of maternity shorts in the next size up.  They didn't have them in stock and going 2 sizes up was too much…I should have just held off because now I just have one pair that fits!
Belly button: Outty for sure
Sleep: Not too bad, not awesome
Best moment this week:  Just feeling all her movement makes me so happy!
Hardest moment this week: I had cramping and slight bleeding over the weekend so that was scary, but everything checked out normal when I contacted the doctor.
What I’m missing: Being able to pop my back.  It’s random, but I used to be able to crack my back by doing a back bend into my fists, but now I have to be careful leaning back so I don’t hurt my abdominal area
Movement: She’s still moving quite a bit.  I notice her around 9am, 9:30 PM, and at about 3am if I get up for a restroom break.
Cravings:  Chocolate
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.
Looking forward to: East TN!  We are attending a wedding of my big sister from my sorority, AXO and one of Neal’s fraternity brothers!  That’ll be 5 of us from the same Greek couplings that have gotten married!  Also, the next day is baby girls FIRST SHOWER!!!  I seriously cannot wait for this fun “Baby is Brewing” shower on the lake!!! My amazing friends, Hope and Natalie, are putting this together and I seriously couldn't feel luckier!
Strange Dreams:  So real strange, I had one where I was attracted to a guy from back in the day high school that I’ve never been attracted to before in my life!  I mean it’s not like he’s not cute I guess, I just never thought of him like that.  Anyways, strangest part was I get on FB the next day and a pic of his family is like #4 on my FB newsfeed!  And I never look at his profile or follow posts by him…it was just too much strangeness.

Week 26 Workouts
  • Wednesday – Tone it Up Bikini Body 2 and Bikini Booty + 1.5 mile dog walk
  • Thursday – 2 mile AM dog walk and then another ½ mile mall walking
  • Friday – 2 mile AM dog walk, Core Cardio routine from Knocked Up Fitness DVD 2
  • Tuesday – AM: 1 mile walk (solo, no pups!) Tone it Up Bikini Arms and Prenatal Pilates Part 2 – the core routine. In the PM I took both pups for a 1 mile walk each, so I got in 3 total miles today (yay!) 
  • Also, I've been doing at least 25-50 squats per day

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