Tuesday, May 20, 2014

25 Weeks Pregnant

I can't believe there's only about 3 months (give or take a few weeks) left of pregnancy!  

This little girl is already SO loved.  Mom and I picked up some goodies to decorate her room while I was visiting her and her husband in the Boston area, and Neal and our friend Jeremy put together her dresser! Her crib should be coming this week, so I'm hoping to start decorating a little soon!

I'm sure it'll be at least another month or more before I'll have her room ready to present on the blog, but I can't wait for that time to come :)

How far along: 25
Gender: Girl!
Weight gained: 15.2 lbs
Inches gained: About 7 inches
Working Out:  Yes! See in detail below
Clothing Choices:  Comfy dresses were my besties this week!
Belly button: Undoubtedly an outty now
Sleep:  It was alright, traveling through me off a bit.  It’s always harder to sleep in an unfamiliar place/bed.
Best moment this week: Getting to spend time with my mom and her husband!  I loved that mom got to feel her moving!
Hardest moment this week: It’s hard to go out of town and then come back home and stay constantly busy filling orders.  It’s worth it because I LOVE Lively Happenings, but I am exhausted!  Thankfully I will have the last order out the door tomorrow from when I was out of town!
What I’m missing: It was beer again this week.  When Joe would drink a beer at dinner I’d just sigh and smell it!
Movement: This little girl can’t keep still! Sometimes I think, goodness please stop moving, and then I remember that it’s the best thing to feel her move and I’d be scared or sad if I couldn’t feel her sweet rolls, kicks and hiccups
Cravings:  Ice cream and veggies. Not together, but they are what I want the most.  I indulge in the veggies but try to resist the ice cream and settle for Greek yogurt or a glass of milk.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good.
Looking forward to: Seeing Neal’s family this upcoming weekend for his sister’s bridal shower!
Strange Dreams:  I had a vivid dream that I had just gotten into my car from a fast food type place and someone came around the corner, slashed my driver seat tire, and then pointed a gun at all of the teenagers in the parking lot behind me, who all fell to the ground.  I woke up at this time but though OH MY GOSH if that really happened, what would I even do?  Would I try to drive away on the rim, would I have my phone close enough to call 911, would the person try to get in my car? Holy crud!  But let’s hope this doesn’t happen and I never have to think about that scenario again.

Week 25 Workouts
  • Wednesday – Do you consider a 1-1.5 mile jog through the Detroit airport to catch your connecting flight a workout?  I do!  50 Squats!
  • Thursday – Tone it Up Under the Sea x 2 and then a 1.5 mile walk around a high school near my mom’s PT appointment. I even found a pretty side trail!  Also did 50 squats.
  • Friday – A one mile walk and Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal Pilates Arms, Legs and Total Body routines + 50 squats
  • Saturday – We walked a lot around downtown Boston, at least 2 miles – no strength training today though besides by 50 squats.
  • Sunday – Yoga in the Park with Audrey!  This one was called 7th Inning Stretch at Bosse Field, where a “League of Their Own” was filmed!
  • Monday – Tone it Up Bikini Series Arm Workout (holy burn!) and then a 2 mile walk with the pups (each pup went on a mile with me)

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