Thursday, April 17, 2014

How I Told My Husband We Were Pregnant!

Today marks almost 4 months since we found out we were pregnant (December 19th around 7am in the morning, and then officially confirmed with two more tests the next morning and blood work!)  I had a whirlwind of emotions, most of which were disbelief and happiness!

I originally tested the morning of December 19th after taking a picture of myself post workout and realizing…hmm I look ‘glowy’.  
Post Workout December 19th, 2013 and Pregnant!!!
We’d been trying to get pregnant, and I knew it was almost close enough to when I could take a test, so I said screw it and took one early.  It was the cheaper CVS brand. I thought I saw a faint blue line, freaked out and sent the picture to my friend, Emily.  She and I both were giddy all day with the idea.  Due to my previous experiences with lacking normal cycles, my doctor said as soon as I thought I was pregnant, to call.  So I did and they said I likely was and told me they set a lab order up for me.  

I wasn't going to tell Neal, but I was freaking out so much, so I called him at work.  He and I both decided to wait one more day, and take more tests. This time I bought more of the cheap ones and one super expensive one that says simply “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant”. 

I’m not going to lie, Neal and I split a bottle of wine that night knowing it may be the last wine I drink for many many months.  He really didn't believe we were pregnant, I pretty well did, but I knew we were REALLY early on if we were and most women wouldn't even know at this point if they were pregnant unless they were like me, and anxiously checking every month.  We used about ½ of it in our skillet cooked pork chops to sauce it up, and shared the other ½ in our wine glasses from our wedding.

On Friday morning, December 20th, I woke up with excitement and began my morning routine almost as normal, except this time peeing on two pregnancy tests!  I jumped in the shower, promising myself I wouldn't look at the tests until the appropriate time had passed. I kept opening the curtain to check the time, not looking down at the tests resting soundly on the floor.  5:33 hit, okay 2 more minutes. 5:34 hit, okay one more minute.  Next thing I knew, I looked out and it was actually 5:36, I had passed up 5:35…it was more than enough time to check.  Sure enough, the blue line was MUCH clearer and the other test said “Pregnant”!  I fell to the shower floor, cried, and then quickly composed myself.  I was a woman on a mission.

I got ready as normal, putting my hair in a towel to dry it a little then scrunching it up to curl it. I quickly put on clothes, and woke Neal up the rest of the way before taking the dogs out for their morning potty break and breakfast.  I didn't want Neal to know just yet.  The only difference in my routine was that today, I was sneaking 2 positive pregnancy tests out the bedroom!

Just as Neal had proposed with pancakes topped with M&M’s saying “Will you marry me?”, I had ordered special M&M’s months ahead in preparation for this day!  I made pancakes, put them in the oven, and cleaned up the pancake mess so Neal wouldn't even know I had made them.  I then made our normal week day breakfast of eggs and bacon.  It all was ready just as he was finishing his shower!  Perfect!

So perfect! "Baby Bratton", "Joy!" and  "Coming Soon!" and heart M&Ms!

When Neal came out to breakfast he sat down and said the usual, “Yummy! Thanks for cooking bug!”  And then I said, “Oh wait, I almost forgot, one more thing”.  I was shaking terribly and excited beyond belief and Neal knew immediately as I reached into the oven and pulled out pancakes with colorful M&M’s all over them that we were in fact pregnant!  I brought them to the table, and he stared at them (some had melted, but I brought additional ones that had not) and he was so excited! Neither of us cried, though both of us were filled with happiness!

I told you, I was SUPER shaky! I couldn't even take a picture!
It was perfect!

Later that day, I did get my lab work done, which came back positive! I called Neal with the good news! When he got home from work, he brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! It was wonderful!

We went out to a sushi dinner that night to celebrate.  I know, I know, you shouldn't eat raw food while pregnant, don't worry, what we got was all cooked and the little baby's now 21 weeks and growing healthy inside of me!

I’ll fill you in next with the cute ways we told our families :)

How have you told your significant other you were pregnant?  If you are still trying to become pregnant, do you have plan?


  1. Oh my goodness how adorable!! Congrats on your bundle of joy!

    1. Thank you Hayley!!! We are truly blessed and thankful for His gift to us :)