Tuesday, April 22, 2014

21 Weeks Pregnant, It's a Girl!

I was looking back nostalgically over the last few weeks, and I remember feeling big at 14 weeks and here we are 21 weeks...it's hard to believe she's already about 10.5 inches in length!  Frankly, it's hard to believe I'll be getting bigger too! 

How far along: 21
Gender: Little one’s a girl!!!
Weight gained: 11.4 lbs
Inches gained: About 6 inches around biggest part of belly
Working Out:  Yep! More yoga going on for this little mama!
Clothing Choices:  I wore regular pants for the reveal with a hair tie, a loose BCBG dress for Easter, and then some regular jean shorts again with a hair tie while doing stuff around the house/prepping for the craft fair, Funk in the City, this weekend!  Other than that, I’ve been in yoga pants and tanks.
Stretch marks:  Only those from soccer years ago on the thighs.
Belly button: Inny, but it’s getting much closer to popping out!
Sleep: Sleep has been nice this week!
Best moment this week:  I really enjoyed Yoga in the Park with Energize Evansville/Evansville Power Yoga, it’s just so nice to be outside in warmer weather, rocking the bump!
Hardest moment this week: I’m finding my back aches much quicker these days.  I’ll be doing some cleaning outside or inside the house and have every intention to walk the dogs after, but then I’m just soooo sore or tired.  Also, I've gotten moody lately.  I think it mostly has to do with work and the changes happening :-/ 
What I’m missing: Being able to get in and out of the truck normally…I know that sound random, but I have to learn new ways to move and baby girl isn’t even that big yet!
Movement: I feel the little one every day and now I can sometimes see her moving. I find myself staring at my belly a lot.
Cravings:  Fruits – I want watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, raspberries, bananas…mmmm
Queasy or sick: Felt good this week!
Looking forward to: Nursery decorating!  We have lots of time, but I can’t wait to move Lively Happenings out of the guest room and into my work office so now I’ll have a full office for my IT job/Lively Happenings and then a nursery/guest room.  I’d love if the guest room could be separate, but it’s what we can do with the space of our house.
Strange Dream of the Week:  This is a new addition to my weekly posts, but they are getting odd & I'd love to share!  This past Sunday going into Monday I had a dream that my new boss wouldn't acknowledge that I was pregnant, but wanted to do a lunch acknowledging another coworker's birthday.  I was devastated!  In my dream, I pointed out that I was the only employee that never got her b-day celebrated (the one year I worked in the office, my birthday fell on the day of the Nashville flood), I never got a card when Neal and I married, or even an email, and I never had a going away lunch when other employees have for moving or even leaving the company.  These things I pointed out in the dream are all true, and they have bothered me, even though they are petty.  Also true, on Monday during the real work day, I was informed they were doing a going away lunch for my boss and another a co-worker, and I wasn't initially informed/invited, but later added to the invite! Strange how these things come back around.

Week 21
  • Wednesday  -  Jessica Smith TV 20-Minute Prenatal Total Body Strength Workout
  • Thursday – Power Yoga for an hour and 15 min
  • Saturday – Yoga in the Park with Energize Evansville & EPY (Evansville Power Yoga) for an hour, the weather was AMAZING! Then Neal and I walked the puppies for 20 minutes
  • Sunday  - 30 Minute Dog Walk with the hubby
  • Tuesday – Tone it Up Honeymoon Ready Routine x 2 and an attempted dog walk, Walden misbehaved terribly and it ended short :-/

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