Tuesday, April 1, 2014

18 Weeks Pregnant

Today marks the final day of week 18!  We are only 9 days away from knowing the gender of our little one!

How far along: 18
Gender: I’m feeling more and more like it’s a little boy, we’ll find out in 9 days!
Weight gained: 8 lbs
Inches gained: About 5 around biggest part of belly
Working Out:  Pretty good! I got 2 days of solid strength training, a good day of cardio, another day of what I’ll consider a real-life workout (cleaning garage and yard) and then yoga!
Clothing Choices:  I’m still fitting into my tops alright, I did notice (for the first time) that some of my bras aren’t fitting as well (hooray, I’ve never had much going for me up there!).  On the bottom, when I can I’m in workout pants, when I’m out, I’m wearing maternity jeans or maxi dresses.
Stretch marks:  Only those from soccer years ago on the thighs.
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: I love my maternity pillow!  I have felt a lot more exhausted this week though and I think it’s because my schedule was thrown off at the tail end of the work week by needing to put in 10 hour days W-F, and then after cleaning the garage/yard my allergies kicked in so my eyes are constantly itchy since Sunday, which makes me feel like I should sleep!
Best moment this week:  Feeling baby move daily is so special! I love making Neal rest his hand to try to feel it, he only has slightly felt once.
Hardest moment this week: Feeling exhausted after working in the garage and yard. I wheel barreled 3 trips of very light plant trimmings to the side yard, and by the final trip, I was simply ready to just lay down in the yard. I’ve never really felt that tired before from doing household tasks.
What I’m missing: Wine.
Movement: Yes! This little one is pretty active. Only once was it so much I thought I might hurl, and one other time I think baby hit a nerve, so that hurt.
Cravings:  Nothing really that I’m craving. I mean I want ice cream, but I always want ice cream, pregnant or not.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!

Looking forward to:  We are going to a weekday childcare facility right down our street tonight and I’m looking forward to learning more about what that’s like.  I honestly wanted the cost of it to be WAY more so that I’d have a better excuse not to work, but as of right now it makes sense for me to stay with my current position as long as they keep me hired on (been contracted for almost 4.5 years now) and continue to work from home.  The child care is right down the road, so I think I’d only do half days (maybe 4-6 hours of baby there) so I can get some solid and productive work in my day.  If this position goes away though, I’m not sure what I’ll do. For me to take a job outside of the home while we have a little one, I’d really want to love the job and not just be taking one just to have a job.  Thankfully, Neal and I are in a position we may have this leniency for a little bit.  We still really need to crunch the number though.  Both Neal and I have weighed me working and not working. I think emotionally it’ll be hard for me to work at first, but then I also wonder if in the long run if I’m not working will it hurt me to jump back into the workforce or become too dependent on my child and vice-versa.  So I guess you could say, I’m looking forward to examining this all more. It’s stressful that I have no control over my current job, and literally don’t know month to month if I’ll have it the next month.  I just don’t think I’ll really know what I want until after the little one is here.
Week 18
  • Wednesday  - Leg Day with Neal at the gym
  • Friday – 10 min prenatal Pilates, a 20 min dog walk and then chest and bicep with Neal at the gym
  • Sunday  - Cleaned out the entire garage (almost completely organized, just waiting to purchase 3 more shelves!) and then trimmed up the plants in the yard for a total of 4 hours
  • Monday – 45 min of walking. 25 of those were with the dogs and 20 solo (b/c sometimes you don’t want to walk around w/ dog poo)
  • Tuesday – Power Yoga

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