Tuesday, April 15, 2014

20 Weeks Pregnant, Half Way There!


This past week was filled with stuff for baby!  We got to see the little one on the ultrasound, all of the growth and development looked great!  We now know the baby's gender and are having a mini reveal on Saturday, hooray!  We toured both St. Mary's and Deaconess here in Evansville and have chosen our hospital.  I purchased 3 fabrics for making 2 crib sheets and 1 skirt.  I've been working on the little one's registries some more.  I've just been so excited!

How far along: 20

Gender: We found out and told our family and some friends!  We’re doing a gender reveal on Saturday, so we’ll announce after that!

Weight gained: 10.4 lbs

Inches gained: About 5.5 around biggest part of belly

Working Out:  Yep! See below! Mostly walking, not too intense.

Clothing Choices:  Loving my maxi’s! I did wear some white pants on Sunday that are pre-pregnancy ones and they fit well…until I had to sit hehe…I unbuttoned and unzipped them the entire car ride home

Stretch marks:  Only those from soccer years ago on the thighs.

Belly button: Inny, but I can tell that it’s closer to popping

Sleep: Pretty good except when Neal and I slept in a twin bed at his parents…my prego pillow + myself + Neal in a twin…not so nice.

Best moment this week:  Seeing our little one on the ultrasound!!!! EEEKKK!!!!

Hardest moment this week:  Keeping baby’s gender a secret, or at least off of social media.  I couldn’t help but tell quite a few friends that won’t be at the reveal.

What I’m missing: I only really crave healthy food, and sometimes, I just want the queso dip out of memory, but I don’t eat it because I know I’ll feel sick.  I know this is a good thing, but by golly if I’m getting Mexican food, I can’t have the salsa because tomatoes and this week I couldn’t have the cheese dip because I just thought I would hurl if I ate it…so no chips for me.

Movement: I feel the little one every day!

Cravings:  Strawberries, I haven’t gone to the store yet, but plan to get some today!

Queasy or sick: Pretty good, I did throw up a very small amount for the first time on Friday morning after drinking a good amount of water and then leaning over to turn on the shower.  Then later that day, after lunch I felt the worst I’ve felt yet and I think it had to do with my lunch choice...hardboiled egg + mayo + chicken + pickles lol

Looking forward to:  Or gender revel on Saturday! It will likely be a small group of people that can make it, but it will still be fun! And then it’ll be out on social media! YAY!

Week 20 Workouts
  • Wednesday  -  I know I did something, but I didn’t write it down…oh my brain!  I'm pretty sure it was 1 or 2 Tone it Up routines
  • Saturday – 35 Minute Dog Walk
  • Sunday  - 35 Minute Dog Walk
  • Monday – 10 Minute Prenatal Pilates – did all 5 workouts for a 50 minute workout!
  • Tuesday – Jessica Smith TV 20-Minute Prenatal Total Body Strength Workout

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