Tuesday, April 8, 2014

19 Weeks Pregnant!

We get to find out the gender of our sweet little one in 2 days!!!  Today's the last day of week 19, tomorrow brings us to Week 20, our 1/2 way mark!  I can hardly believe it!!!

How far along: 19 weeks (by the way, they say baby is supposed to be 6 inches...the size of a Mango, I'm not sure where to find a 6 inch mango!  All I found were about 5 inches at most!  Crazy people...)
Gender: We’ll find out in 2 more days!!!! I’m thinking boy, we’ll see!
Weight gained: 9.6 lbs
Inches gained: About 5.5 around biggest part of belly
Working Out:  Yes! I worked out great this week I believe!  Yoga was fun, to do again, but there were a lot of modifications I had to make since we worked on floor core moves, there was another mama to be in there (she’s 16 weeks) so it was nice to have a companion!
Clothing Choices:  I wore mostly maxi dresses or tights with long shirts this week (I don’t think tights with short shirts are okay except at the gym, sorry!)
Stretch marks:  Only those from soccer years ago on the thighs.
Belly button: Inny, but I did look down once and think it’s already starting to change a little…yikes!
Sleep: I’m loving the maternity pillow still, but my dreams are definitely getting stranger and sometimes scary.  There was one about a roller coster at a wedding and Neal fell off of it, that’s when I woke up…stuff like that…
Best moment this week:  Getting more shelves for the garage and moving some of my craft supplies out there to make room for baby!  I’m moving the entire craft room (currently craft/guest room) into the office where I work all day (I work from home doing IT).  It was so nice to be able to start to feel like there’s a space being made especially for this little one!
Hardest moment this week:  I was at church and the message was from a group in India who is constantly finding the leaders and their families are being beaten, raped, killed and tortured by Hindu and Muslim extremists.  It was a very difficult message to hear, but an important one to see how the church is assisting these families and how they are all pulling out of these extreme situations we don’t see here in America to bring the word of Jesus to their neighbors, building more churches and gathering more followers against all odds.  I know this doesn’t directly relate to baby, but it brought me to alligator tears and hunched over position and I found myself holding tight to Neal with one hand and tight to my belly with another.
What I’m missing: Nothing really this week, I guess a beer during the basketball game we watched at one of Neal’s best friend house did sound nice at the time.
Movement: Yes! This little one is active, I’ve felt movement a lot today!
Cravings:  I really like arugula right now…strange of all things to ‘crave’ I want this greenery in nearly every meal!
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!

Looking forward to:  Our ultrasound on Thursday to check baby’s growth and development as well as gender!!! We are also touring 2 hospitals this week.  I want a natural birth and have considered home birth, but I really do like my doctor and trust him.  He’s very very low intervention, believes in my decisions to not have Pitocin or the Epidural as well as a few other requests.

Week 19
  • Wednesday  - Tone it Up Summer Sizzle and Spankin’ Booty routines followed by a dog walk
  • Friday – Arm toning at home before and during work when I needed to get some energy going
  • Saturday – Working out with Neal at the gym, leg day!
  • Sunday  - Did about 2 hours of organizing, moving stuff from my craft room to the garage to make room for baby!  The craft room is moving partially to the garage and partially to my office!  I consider this a workout since I think it’s exhausting walking back and forth and back and forth and organizing!
  • Monday – Power Yoga
  • Tuesday – Knocked Up Fitness Day 4 and Day 5 #StrongMama Challenges!

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