Monday, June 17, 2013

Cancun Vacation at Oais Sens - The Trip Begins

I finally went through all of the pictures from our 'couples retreat' with the Zignego's to Cancun, and in the process I remembered how much fun the trip was and all of the memories we made!

The trip started off as most do in our house, bringing our puppies to their grandparents.  Neal's parents are AMAZING and always let us bring Sasha & Walden to stay with them.  The dogs get their own mini vacation as they are spoiled by their grandparents and Neal & I are afforded the luxury of knowing they are in the best care.
We awoke early on Saturday morning and were off to the Nashville airport.  Neal and I were na├»ve to the fact that Air Tran and Southwest are now one, and when we got to BNA we couldn't find Air Tran to check in!  I am a HORRIBLE traveler even though I have been flying since I was less than 2 years old.  Quick story:  One time when my father and I went to Barcelona, I swore 1st that I'd never been there and upon arrival I kept saying how beautiful everything was and that I thought I'd seen this somewhere in a magazine before.  Then Dad and I realized I was there 3 years prior with my cousin, aunt and mother...yea I'm that stupid to have forgotten the beautiful places I have been.  Later on that trip, I told dad we were going to the University (I was looking into an MBA program) so we took a train to the University, the big one, and I started to look around and said, "Umm I don't think this is what we wanted, my school is supposed to be around a few hundred or less students".  A taxi ride later and an hour late, we made it to my meet and greet at Barcelona Business School!  Opps!  That Barcelona trip is the one that forever changed my life, a story for a later date!
Back to the Cancun trip...Even the Southwest Employees couldn't get us booked through our Air Tran one point there were 5 of them helping Neal and me!

Finally we were checked in an on our way.  One of my trip necessities is to never travel without food.  You do not want to see me hangry! (hungry-angry).  I had apples, oranges and homemade trail mix!

Oh, and when you are off to Cancun, you may as well bring your own airplane bottle for the flight there :)

Upon our arrival, we met up with Bob & Natasha at the airport and were zipped away via bus we had arranged when booking through  This group made travel easy & affordable by having the contacts right when and where we needed them from transportation to the hotel and even booking needs to excursions.

The hotel we stayed at was Oasis Sens.  It's one of 5 (ish) Oasis resorts on Cancun.  You are allowed to travel between the resorts and eat, play and relax between 9-6.  You just can't have dinner at the other resorts.  We recommend to take the bus rather than a taxi, it's cheaper and relatively safe...just hold onto something as you board because once your foot's off concrete, the driver will take off!

We checked in, had a beautiful ocean view room, went over some details about the hotel, and headed off to lunch at the on resort Mexican Restaurant. 

Muerdeme Mucho had some tasty choices, dieters and food allergens beware though, most of the food was prepped in advance, so you can't make too many changes.  I really wanted the stuffed avocado, but couldn't because it had tomato :( Wah Wah.

  Of course I had our group pose for some impromptu photos once we were settled in and having food.  I was a little freaked by the photo bomb from our server!

At the close of our lunch, the server brought the boys a special drink.  This was the only time I think they let someone give them something other than what they ordered.  We aren't in college anymore, so crazy alcohol combinations really aren't our thing!
After that sip, the day got a little crazier!  We ended up going to an on resort night club.  We should have known better when we went into club "Kinky" for the show "High Heels" that night.  Natasha and I almost bust out laughing, Bob's face was that of anger, confusion, and simple WHAT ON EARTH, and Neal's was Oh. My. Gosh. as the show started and transvestites in high heels got on stage!  I have been to one of these shows for my bachelorette in Nashville, but at that show you are simply there to giggle along with your girlfriends, because Oasis Sens is LGBT, some of the audience took the show more, ummm...seriously shall I say.  I'll stop there to say that's some entertainment I will never forget!

Stay tuned for more on our fun couples retreat to Cancun throughout this week!

Question of the day:
What kind of traveler are you, the go along with everything and let someone else plan, the extremely well planned out leader, or the clueless companion who never seems to be in the right place at the right time?

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