Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cancun and a Beautiful Church

On the second day we were in Cancun, Bob and Natasha asked Neal and I to go to church with them.  Again, we relied on the wonderful tour group who helped us with our flight transfers and excursions to put us in the right direction for a local church. 

On our way to church via city bus!

Surprisingly, there weren't very many Catholic churches on Cancun, honestly I think there was only two.  The church we went to, Parroquia de Cristo Resucitado Cancun, was absolutely breathtaking.  They had mostly Spanish Mass, but one in English.

I tried to sneak a picture from my seat before the mass started, I didn't see anything about no cameras but was still scared!
Here's some photos from the Church's website so you can get a better view!
The church was beautiful, though not very traditional.  There were no walls, only a ceiling above. 

Neal and I hadn't planned on coming to church, so we weren't prepared with the proper attire, but we still managed to be more appropriately dressed than other church goers. Also, going made me really miss the Catholic Church.  I grew up in Catholic School and attended Catholic church, but Neal and I are now going to a non-denominational church, it's nice, but not the same.

After church, we headed back to the resort where Natasha and I took a water aerobics class!  It was really fun, but a lot longer than we had anticipated!
We are the two furthest away :)
The rest of our Sunday was spent relaxing by the beach, enjoying a few drinks & eating some scrumptious sushi (that's my favorite restaurant at Oasis Sens - only open for lunch).  I didn't take pictures of food much since I knew our group was there to enjoy the foods taste, not so much the look, though it was beautiful and extremely delicious!
We finished our Sunday by getting dressed up and going to one of re resort restaurants.
A very enjoyable day indeed!
Question of the Day:  Have you ever gone to a church on vacation that took your breath away?  If so where?


  1. hey! I am in your START group...looks like you had a great time!

    in 2003 I went to Moscow with a group from my college and the day that we spent in Red Square touring all the churches left me literally speechless...I walked around all day in awe of the beauty and detail...

    can't wait to START with you on Monday :)

    I blog at carelessinthecareofgod.com

  2. Hey April! I need to be more proactive on the blog because I'm just now seeing this! The trip was fantastic and I'll be sure to connect with you in the START group!!!