Monday, June 24, 2013

Adventures at Oasis Sens

Oasis Sens is a beautiful resort.  It's not nearly as large as the main Oasis resort, which is the largest resort on Cancun and is absolutely stunning with a massive interior garden as you enter the hotel.  Oasis Sens was just the right size for our couples retreat.  It seemed like may couples were there for the same reasons, to enjoy each other and hang out with friends.  The resort wasn't wild and crazy, but more relaxing with some great entertainment. (Neal was mocking someone else's crop top style in his pic at the gardens inside the main Oasis resorts, my hubby doesn't normally pull his shirt up!)
We were able to enjoy quite a few performances that are put on at the resort (including that one from our first night at club "Kinky" haha!)

Here's a little bit of the pictures I tried to take of the "Mayan Ceremony" on Sunday.

And there's my man trying to battle a 'warrior' 
The women who perform the Zama Y Eel Dueto Aereo were incredibly strong, talented, beautiful and strangely flexible.  That's a show I recommend!

The rest of the week we enjoyed some amazing foods at many of the restaurants.  Natasha and I really loved the sushi restaurant, we also went twice to the little Italian place, and La Sur, the reservation only dining, was a fresh experience!  After taking pictures of a few of the foods, I could tell my group was finding my photography a bit much, so I put down my camera for most of the trip, but here's a few snapshots of some of the on resort dining.
My typical breakfast - fresh juice (that one is a green juice with kiwi, spinach and grapefruit I believe).  I frequented the fruit for breakfast, the plain yogurt that I added oats and fruit to, and nutella with carrots! Yum!
Loved the plating of my quesadilla and I fell in love with the tea cups!  So Pretty!
 Dining at La Sur on our last night!
I love this man!
We enjoyed pretty sunsets!
 And lastly, on the final day, we got to hold a monkey! This may have been the highlight of my trip!!!!

I hope ya'll enjoyed my trip details and pictures!  To see more look at my previous posts:

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