Sunday, August 14, 2016

6 Years of Marriage

I am so happy to be celebrating 6 years of marriage.

I like to reflect on what was and what is to come.

Many people said, oh your first year of marriage will be the hardest - Lord I wish that was true because our first year was a freaking blast!

Now, I would like to say, your first year of marriage with a child...that will be your hardest.  Zero energy, lack of sex drive, change in lifestyle, no desire to stay out with friends, waking up in a bath of your own breastmilk...oh yes, so sexy ;)  Don't I make it all sound fun!!!!???

After Brae was born, it was no joke how much of a mess I was emotionally.  Neal has been a true man of God and has been such a constant. He never gets mad, he never yells, he never does anything but try to lift me up.  Ladies, I'm a very very lucky woman, I know!

As we hit our 6 years, I will say things have been SO much better between year 5 and 6 than they were between 4 and 5!  I cannot thank my husband enough for his genuine support and love as I transitioned from stressed out full time worker to full-time mom-entreprenuer!

This man right here, he's my rock.  Together we teach each other to dream bigger.  To believe in ourselves.  To think highly of ourselves and others.  To attend church regularly.  To be loving towards each other always.  To work by our actions and words to show love so Braelyn will know what that looks like.

Are we perfect?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I still have those bad moments of massive self-doubt and huge hormonal fits of anger, but I can truly say Neal is the perfect match for the balance of life.

Here's to 60+ more years of marriage together Nuzzle Bug! I love you!!!

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