Sunday, August 28, 2016

11 Weeks Pregnant Baby #2!

Horray, we are nearing the end of our first trimester!!! This week has been one of the strangest thus far - I felt AWESOME on Monday so I overdid it and shoveled a bunch of dirt, which made me feel terrible Monday Night - Wednesday.

I had SO much energy at the beginning of the week, but then as the week progressed, my energy spiraled down.

I haven't felt good any evening this week, so that's been very hard to have stomach aches, being tired, but not feeling rested, and just sleeplessness.  I think I need to start running my oils in the room at night and using white noise!

However, this was the BEST week because Braelyn and I got to see baby on Wednesday!!! It was an unplanned trip due to the cramping, but it was just simply the best and has really pushed me through  :) 

Oh, and I have REALLY popped these past 3 days, like belly just came on out to play!

How far along: 11ish

Gender: I am thinking a boy, and ultrasound showed just 1 baby and not twins  :)

Weight gain: 0.5ish lbs pending on time of day I weigh myself (118.9 starting weight)

Working Out:  This past week's workouts are listed below.  I took things much easier this week after not feeling well and cramping Monday.

Clothing Choices:  I'm wearing my regular clothes, but pulled out maternity options

Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones ;)

Belly button: Inny-ish/Outy-ish ALREADY! ahh!

Sleep: Needing a nap every day, days I don't have it I'm very tired and a little cranky, but I still stay up to spend time with Neal.

Best moment this week:  Braelyn and I got to see the baby and hear it's heartbeat at an ultrasound after my 3 days of cramps

Hardest moment this week: Some cramping after I tried to move a bunch of dirt left me feeling not so great for days. I thought my energy was back too, but that was a tease, still tired

What I’m missing:  nothing.

Movement: we saw baby moving! No for sure movement felt

Cravings: ice cream WITH hot fudge and sushi šŸ¦šŸ£šŸ˜‚

Queasy or sick: Flet better this week!

Looking forward to: Not being so tired

This weeks workouts have included:

  • Monday - Isometrix from P90X3 + 20 min treadmill walk
  • Tuesday - Dynamix from P90X3 + 15 min treadmill walk
  • Wednesday - none
  • Thursday - Pilates X from P90X3
  • Friday & Saturday - non
  • Sunday - stretch/foam roll + 15 min treadmill walk

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