Sunday, August 21, 2016

10 Week BumpDate: First Trimester Healthy Pregnancy Round 2

Wow, I cannot believe how fortunate we are to be in our first trimester with our second baby!!!

I hadn't thought this was possible, I had believed that we might not get pregnant for a long time. I only had one, yes ONE CYCLE postpartum from Braelyn - that means from December 2013 when we conceived to June 2016 when we conceived baby 2 that I had 1 cycle, ONE shot to get this.  

I owe it all to God!  I owe it to the prayers many of your prayed and the support SO many of you gave! I cannot thank you enough!

My first trimester so far has been harder than I remember it being with Braelyn.

I'm constantly hungry, but food sound so bad.

I'm constantly tired, but I love my work and I have a toddler I care for daily.

I'm constantly working on that balance of rest now, eat now, work now, play now.

Being healthy is extremely important to me this time around, just like it was with Braelyn.  I am SO grateful for all that I've learned over the past year as a health & wellness coach that has provided me the proper nutritional balance.

I know, even when I don't want a food, that I need to eat it to nourish myself and our baby.  My once beloved Shakes have sounded pretty gross this first trimester, but my Dr. looked at them, loved the nutritional value and vitamins they provided, and I didn't need to take a prenatal because of all that was already in these shakes I enjoyed.  But now, I'm struggling to make them! I ALWAYS enjoy them when I finally drink it, but holy cow the thought of making them makes me want to vomit!  Thankfully, I haven't had any morning sickness, just food aversions.  And I push through and am SO much happier when I have that healthy shake.

Beyond that, to keep healthy in mind and body, I'm still reading my bible daily, participating in studies, reading personal development books to help with positive mindset I battle, and I'm working out when it feels good.  I'm not forcing a workout, but I'm not neglecting it. If the scheduled workout sounds terrible, I opt for stretching, walking, yoga, or a prenatal workout.  If working out feels bad, I stop.  

I hope you can choose healthy through your pregnancy.  I know morning sickness is NO JOKE and I pray that when you battle it, you know that you are doing amazing things, your body is growing a heart, lungs, and a brain - you are freaking rockstar!!!!

How far along: 10ish
Gender: I always say she, but I think that's bc we have Brae. My symptoms are much different, so I wonder boy - I still have no clue if it's 1 or 2 kiddos - we have identical (just a fluke) and fraternal (means passed down) twins in our family. My mom is identical, she has siblings that are fraternal, and her grandmother was also a twin, and I have cousins who are twins.  
Weight gain: 0.5 lbs (118.9 starting weight)
Working Out:  This past week's workouts are listed below.  I'm not feeling the desire to workout as I had with our first pregnancy. I'm so much more tired and I've been choosing to sleep in most of this week rather than do my morning routine. So workouts have been hit or miss.
Clothing Choices:  I'm still wearing my normal clothes. Everything fits okay, the only thing that's a little tight are some of my shorts on my belly. I prefer dresses right now. 
Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones ;)
Belly button: Inny-ish/Outy-ish ALREADY! ahh!
Sleep: Needing a nap every day
Best moment this week:  I really think I felt little bit move right at the start of week 10, which is absolutely crazy! But I remember that 'bubble' / 'butterfly' feeling with Brae and I felt that one night before bed....but hey it could have been gas ;)
Hardest moment this week: So apparently I did this last pregnancy too, thinking we'd get to see the little on a at our first appointment, calling in, and being disappointed that we only do the doppler to hear baby, no ultrasound to see baby. If you check my 1st Trimester post with Brae, at week 10,  was upset over this same thing - ha! not much has changed ;) 
What I’m missing:  nothing. 
Movement: See above - gas or baby?!
Cravings: Salsa & marinara - hello tomatoes
Queasy or sick: Food aversions - a lot of times food sounds so bad, but then I eat and i'm fine. 
Looking forward to: Less food aversions (fingers crossed)
This weeks workouts have included:

  • Monday - Dancing to Country Heat
  • Tuesday - The Warrior P90X3
  • Wednesday - Tone it Up Stretch & Release & String Bikini from Beachbabe 3 DVD
  • Thursday - Dog walks w/ the toddler then Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout
  • Friday - none
  • Saturday - 22 minute treadmill walk on incline 5, speed 3 
  • Sunday - Yoga Booty Ballet - Baby on the Way <3

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