Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Transformation Tuesday - How Heidi Didn't Know She Was Unhappy or Unhealthy

Who's excited for warmer weather and to be getting outside with family and friends?  I know this woman, Heidi Norman, is a totally different woman inside and out going into last summer versus going into this summer! I mean LOOK at the changes in this woman's SMILE!

Heidi is a mom, friend, devoted wife and God Fearing Woman!

She's been working on her nutrition, fitness, and MINDSET for a year now, and oh boy can you just feel the difference when you see some of her before and afters!!!!

This is a photo she shared with our team, and the text blow she typed up with it!

If you had told me a year ago that I would go from a size 14 to a size 6...I would have laughed at you. If you told me, I would actually finished a 10 week at home DVD fitness program then go on to do not one but 2 more programs and finished them all...I woulda laughed at you. If you told me that my husband and my son did it all with me...I woulda laughed at you again. Then if you told me that I would be inspiring and empowering my friends and family to join me on this crazy journey....I woulda laughed at you even harder! Thank God no one told me what was to come or I would have come up with a million excuses of why it wasn't gonna happen.
I am sooooo happy that I embarked on this journey a year ago and have been stronger than those excuses. I'm not even close to the same person on the outside or the inside. I had no clue how unhappy and unhealthy I was till I became happy and healthy! Some days are rough, life happens and we don't always get our workout in. It's not about perfection, its about progress. When we fall off the bandwagon, we get back up and recommit to ourselves and our fitness. 
I'm down 5 dress sizes, 33 pounds and 20+ inches and I still have 7 pounds to go before I am at my dream goal weight. I have met some amazing people on this journey soo far and paying it forward by supporting and helping other people meet their fitness goals has become my passion. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!! 
Each and every one of you on Team Give, have had a part in this amazingtransformation. You are all the wind in my sail! You all inspire me on the daily and encourage me to be the best coach that I can be. Here is to another year then another and another. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me. 

 Heidi and her family started off with T25, then moved onto 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and now Insanity Max 30!

She currently not only leading people in a healthy nutrition and fitness lifestyle, but also helping others by hosting a virtual book club to work on personal development.  The group is currently focusing on our own misconceptions of ourselves, our own personal beliefs, and kicking ourselves in the butt by reading "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero.

Connect with Heidi on Facebook or Instagram and let this woman help you live your happiest & healthiest life inside and out!

To learn more about starting your own health and happiness journey, contact me here 

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