Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Trimester Photos, Notes and Fruit Comparisons!

Happy Wednesday!!!  Today marks the beginning of Baby Bratton's second trimester and this little momma couldn't be more excited!!!

I put a little video together to John Ledgend's "All of Me" on Flipagram if you want to click here to see it directly on YouTube! (ps I really suck at YouTube posting!)

Here's a look back at the first trimester:

How far along: 6ish
Gender: not sure
Weight gain: None
Working Out:  Only a little light weights at home 2 times, I always get lazier around a holiday though!
Clothing Choices:  You can’t tell at this point, so all of my stuff is fitting
Stretch marks: Only those I already have on my thighs from highschool sports!
Belly button: It’s an inny
Sleep: Pretty good, probably because it’s Christmas week and I’m working less so I feel the ability to take more naps!
Best moment this week: Finding out that I was pregnant with sweet baby Bratton
Hardest moment this week: Waiting until my parent’s got their presents so we could tell them about baby!
What I’m missing:  All I want is an over medium egg…
Movement: none yet! way too early!
Cravings: Milk! It’s all I crave, I was hooked on Almond milk, but wanted cow’s milk so we’ve picked up some Organic Skim Milk from Fresh Market
Queasy or sick: Only felt slight nausea two times, but not sure if it was pregnancy related or not!
Looking forward to: Telling our families and closest friends!

How far along: 7ish
Gender: Our friends think it will be a little boy, I kinda have that feeling too
Weight gain: None
Working Out:  I’ve walked and lifted light weights at home and at the gym, about 3 times this week.
Clothing Choices:  You can’t tell we are expecting at this point, so all of my stuff is fitting
Stretch marks: Only those I already have on my thighs from highschool sports!
Belly button: It’s an inny
Sleep: Not as good, back to work mostly full time and not napping or resting as much.
Best moment this week: Telling our parents, my dad’s reaction was the absolute best!
Hardest moment this week: Waiting to tell the world about sweet Baby Bratton!
What I’m missing:  Since it was New Year’s, I really wanted some champagne.  And it’s hard to see the Love Your Body challenge start on Tone It Up and know that I need to “tone it down” on my workouts.
Movement: Still to early :)
Cravings: Cow’s milk, banana’s and cuties.
Queasy or sick: Not really
Looking forward to: Watching this baby grow! 

How far along: 8ish (we actually realized we were a week ahead so we skipped a week of pics after I talked to one of the nurses when I got my blood drawn)
Gender: Neal did say “he” in referring to our baby at one point.  I just want it to be healthy!
Weight gain: None, actually lost .4 lbs.
Working Out:  Went to Saturday Power Yoga and loved it! Also walking at the gym still (getting about 2.2 miles in each time I go and sometimes adding one of the Tone it Up workouts – follow @LivelyHappening on Instagram to see some of this!)
Clothing Choices:  You can’t tell we are expecting at this point, so all of my stuff is fitting
Stretch marks: Only those I already have on my thighs from highschool sports!
Belly button: It’s an inny
Sleep: Eh, not awful, but not great
Best moment this week: My friend giving me a list of her baby musts, it’s fun to secretly fill out baby registries
Hardest moment this week: Finding out my progesterone was low.  It was scary, but I’ve been reminded it is common for smaller women, and we already knew I had lower progesterone from tracking my fertility over the past year via Natural Family Planning methods.
What I’m missing:  Still wanting that over medium egg…
Movement: still to early!
Cravings: Cow’s milk
Queasy or sick: A little at night when I take my progesterone, also feel like I’m woozy or drunk and dizzy after I take it
Looking forward to: Our ’12 week’ appointment on February 11th!!!

How far along: 9ish
Gender: Really considering that it could be twins at this point
Weight gain: 1.6 lbs
Working Out:  Did a good number of the Tone It Up Love Your Body series workouts for this week, worked out 4 days, including another yoga session on Saturday
Clothing Choices:  Many of my jeans are uncomfortable
Stretch marks: Only those I already have on my thighs from highschool sports!
Belly button: It’s an inny
Sleep: I’ve needed a nap every day this week, and thankfully since I work from home was able to take a 30 min cat nap every day around 2pm.
Best moment this week: Getting to eat food I was craving.  1 night it was Thai food and the next lobster!!!
Hardest moment this week: Not getting to take a nap and being slightly stressed about Neal’s nose surgery…I ended up having a slight cold during this time and then a 3 day persistent headache.
What I’m missing:  Being 100% open to people about things, we aren’t telling everyone yet we are expecting, so I’m missing my ‘truthfulness’.
Movement: still too early!
Cravings: I would still love some more lobster.
Queasy or sick: Not queasy just sick from a little cold I had.
Looking forward to: Our appointment was moved up to Feb 7th, so I can’t wait for that!!!

How far along: 10ish
Gender: Still wondering if it could be twins.  My mom’s a twin, her grandmother is a twin, mom has twin siblings, I have twin cousins on the same side of the family…
Weight gain: 1.6 lbs
Working Out:  Doing Tone it Up weight workouts, did the Secret Admirer Cardio once and was at about the same level that I normally do it at! And I went to Restoration Yoga with a new friend!
Clothing Choices:  Preferring dresses with tights/leggings at this point over jeans.  I have to use a hair tie to keep my jeans comfy!  I tried on some maternity jeans at Old Navy, they were more comfy on the tummy, but decided not to get any yet.
Stretch marks: No new ones, just my soccer ones ;)
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: Needing a nap every day
Best moment this week:  I'm thinking I'm starting to see a bump!
Hardest moment this week: Calling the nurse at my doctor’s office to find out that we don’t get to see the baby and we’ll only use the Doppler to try to hear the heartbeat.  I had my heart set on seeing our baby, so I had my first hormonal cry L
What I’m missing:  I’m wanting that over medium egg again…
Movement: None
Cravings: Brownies, particularly these espresso brownies from this place in downtown Newburg, IN, Vecchio’s!
Queasy or sick: Thankfully, nope!
Looking forward to: Updating my blog to get it ready for more baby posts.  We are SO close to being able to make sure baby’s developing okay and we can tell everyone!!! 

How far along: 11ish
Gender: Thinking a boy, when anyone refers to baby, we all say “he”
Weight gain: 2 lbs
Working Out:  Yep! Did Tone it Up Secret Admirer Cardio workout and a few of their toning workouts this week as well as a long walk with a friend when I went to Nashville, and then on Monday the 10th, PB Finger’s Walking Treadmill Workout
Clothing Choices: Finally bought maternity jeans, and they are super comfortable!
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: It’s so-so, not great, but not awful.
Best moment this week: We got to see our baby!!!!!! On Friday February 7th, 2014 we got to see the cutest little baby moving around.  The doctor couldn’t determine how far along I was because of my difficult period cycles, so we were scheduled for an ultrasound.  Baby’s heart rate was 170, about 4.3cm long from bottom to top of head, and 11 weeks 2 days!  Best day ever!
Hardest moment this week: Losing my engagement ring for about 2 hours.  I was shopping, had been to 5 stores, had gloves on and then realized it was gone.  I went to every store, only to come home later, empty my shopping bags, and find it in the bottom of my freezer bag from Aldi.
What I’m missing:  I’d love some goat cheese, looks like I need to search the stores for some pasteurized goat cheese!
Movement: The cutie was moving around a lot on the ultrasound, but it’s of course too early to feel!
Cravings:  None that are really strong, I did think I was going to go to Dairy Queen a few times for a blizzard this week, but haven’t.
Queasy or sick: Smells are getting to me.  The dogs are awful to me, but I love them anyways, I walked in a ladies room after someone had umm you know gone #2 and gagged twice, but I had to pee soooo bad!  That was the first time during pregnancy I really thought I might throw up.
Looking forward to: Being able to tell people about baby!

How far along: 12
Gender: Up in the air!
Weight gain: 3.6 lbs
Working Out:  Yes! A Tone it Up workout on Wednesday, went to Power Yoga Thursday, and worked out twice with the hubby over the weekend doing chest and triceps one day and then leg day the next.
Clothing Choices: Loving the maternity jeans
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: It’s so-so, not great, but not awful.
Best moment this week: When some of our friends who got our post card announcement called or texted to congratulate us.
Hardest moment this week: Cramping.  I’m already getting round ligament pain, and it’s no fun.
What I’m missing:  I’d really like a beer.
Movement: Too early to feel still
Cravings:  I’m back to wanting lobster.
Queasy or sick: Just certain smells get to me.  I can’t stand many perfumes/colognes when people walk by, and the dogs are still smelling.
Looking forward to: This week or at Week 13 (Feb 19th) we’ll announce on social media!

How far along: 13
Gender: I totally go back and forth, but this week I made a specific “boy room” nursery plan and another “girl room” nursery plan on Word and was oh so proud of myself
Weight gain: 3.6 lbs
Working Out:  Not as much this week because I had a cold.  I did still do some arm workouts at home and on two days took two longer dog walks (yes I have to walk them separately) when the weather got warm.
Clothing Choices: I spent a lot of time in sweat pants and leggings this week…just didn't feel awesome.
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: Pretty good, I got a t shirt material cover for a Lechco pillow my friend Emily gave me a LOVE it!
Best moment this week: Announcing on social media!  I know it’s a little silly, but I am just glad it’s out there.
Hardest moment this week: Just being sick is no fun.
What I’m missing:  I’d really like a beer.
Movement: So I think it was just my stomach grumbling and wanting to feel baby moving, but  I felt a little flutter.
Cravings:  Okay, so I really do not like McDonald’s, at all…but my husband and I have been watching the Winter Olympics and there’s TONS of Chicken McNugget commercials on, so when I see them I crave the McNugget.  We got some on Saturday for lunch, and oh it hit the spot, but after 2 nuggets I said, I’d much rather have had Chic-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Nuggets!
Queasy or sick: Just a little sick, not so quesy, I even lit a candle this week to make the house smell better…I really need to bathe the dogs.
Looking forward to: Feeling the baby move, I know I could still have a few weeks before this happens, but I think it’ll be so sweet!

Cheers to baby's first trimester, and joys to baby's second trimester!!!  All your love and prayers are still very much appreciated!  xoxo ~Neal & Tamara

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