Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 14 Second Trimester Begins!

Hooray for the second trimester!!!

I love seeing this little bump grow and I am simply overjoyed!

Here's a summary of Week 14:

How far along: 14
Gender: I keep saying boy this week
Weight gain: 3.6 lbs (I've been like this for 3 weeks and am going to talk to my doctor since in the 2nd trimester I've read that it's advised to gain about 1 lb per week from now until the end of 8 months)
Working Out:  Moderate workouts, 6 different Tone it Up workouts & a dog walk along with a gym session with my hubby!  See below for details!
Clothing Choices:  I’m loving my fleece lined tights from Hazel & Olive Boutique with long shirts and my maternity jeans!
Stretch marks: Nope.
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: Not too bad!  Slept a lot this Sunday, which was oh so nice!
Best moment this week: Feeling like I had a little more energy!
Hardest moment this week:  Staying up late when we had company, I think I did a good job, but my body just didn't feel great the next morning.
What I’m missing:  Nothing really this week, I mean an adult drink sounded nice when everyone else was ordering them.
Movement: None yet, I don’t think.
Cravings:  I’ve wanted ice cream, either a Sonic Blast or a DQ Blizzard, nearly every day!  I did treat myself to 2 this week!  Also, my new 'obsession' for snacks has become apple slices with cheese, somtimes adding cinnamon or peanut butter!
Queasy or sick: Not really, felt pretty good.

Looking forward to: Our appointment on Friday (15 weeks 2 days)

Workout Wrap-Ups:
Week 14
  • Tuesday (technically 13 w 6 days) – Kettlebells with Katrina 
  • Wednesday – Karena’s Holiday Arms
  • Friday – Beach Babe DVD 1, HIIT and Bikini Sculpt
  • Saturday – 10 min dog walk
  • Monday – Tone it Up Under the Sea 3xs & 3xs Short & Sweet Shoulders.  I modified the Under The Sea Crab Crunches (had a pillow under by back) & the Fish Out of Water (did bird dog planks)
  • Tuesday – Worked out with the hubby at the gym! 10 min cardio and then chest and biceps 
    • All of the workouts mentioned with specific names can be found on Tone it Up!
Question: What's your current food craving (even if your not prego, indulge me!)

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