Tuesday, March 25, 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant!

How far along: 17
Gender: Still no positive guess, but everyone refers to baby as “he”
Weight gained: 7.6 lbs
Inches gained: About 5 around biggest part of belly
Working Out:  Not great on these this week.  I worked 10 hours on Wednesday and then packed for ATL/Knoxville. I worked 6.5 hours and then drove 6 hours to Knoxville on Thursday.  On Friday I got a long walk in before leaving for ATL (Yay!). On Saturday I walked about 2 miles with my friend in ATL (Yay again!!). On Sunday I was exhausted and we came home from ATL, I napped for 2 hours! On Monday, I worked like a show horse and crafted ALL DAY for baby (as well as drove 45 min each direction to my friend’s house where I crafted). On Tuesday, I drove 6 hours again to get back home and worked 6 hours…as you can see, there wasn’t really much time set aside for work outs!
Clothing Choices:  Maternity jeans and tights needed! Baby grew this past week for sure!  I also disguised my bump some while on a friend’s bachelorette trip by wearing a peplum top on our night out! Yes, I felt clever ;)
Stretch marks:  Only those from soccer years ago on the thighs.
Belly button: Inny
Sleep: Sleeping at dad’s house was fine because I brought my big “bean” pillow (Lechco maternity pillow), but in Atlanta for the bachelorette trip, I didn’t sleep well. I had two pillows as well as a mini pillow, but that just didn't cut it!
Best moment this week: Getting to feel baby move for the first time!!! It was amazing! Dad made a salad on Friday (March 21st) for lunch, and afterward I kept feeling baby moving, it felt like it was pushing ever so slightly near the pelvis area! I felt it again later that night when I was with all the girls in Atlanta, and then again at least once every day since! It’s magical!!!
Hardest moment this week: Being away from Neal Thursday – Monday, that was just tough, especially when I wanted him to see how excited I was for feeling baby move.
What I’m missing: I thought I wanted beer or wine, but while I was at the bachelorette trip, I honestly didn't feel the desire for it anymore.  So I’m not missing much!
Movement: YES!!!! (see above!)
Cravings:  Nothing too major, just enjoying apples and cheese still, but I’m not craving it as much as I just enjoy it.
Queasy or sick: Feeling good!

Looking forward to: Finding out gender.  I made a baby mobile with one of my best friends, Hope, this week, and I can’t wait to find out the gender and decorate the rest of the nursery!

Week 17 Workouts (yes they were lacking!)
  • Friday - 45 min walk w Dad
  • Saturday - 2 mile walk w Natalie from our rental to Ikea and back

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