Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Nerdy Valentines

Neal and I are pretty practical people.  You won't see us dropping dough at a fancy dinner, going out to tons of concerts, or buying extravagant gifts such as a mini vacations, lush jewelry (why buy it when I make what I love?!), or fancy watches.  I mean, don't get me wrong, we totally go on awesome vacations that we plan together (we'd both hate it if the other spent over $100 on something we didn't agree upon), he spoils me with occasional goodies, and I made daily adventures for us to do leading up to Valentine's day.  Right now, we are just at the point in our lives where we want to stash our cash like squirrels waiting for winter.  We save big and then we put money towards retirement (heck yes, can't wait!) or into another investment property.

So what did these two nerdy savers do for Valentine's Day?  Well we absolutely loved it and we enjoyed some super awesome planning together.

First, I did get him the gift of Cracker Barrel pancake mixes.  They were 2 for $8, and I just had to get the original buttermilk, chocolate chip, and apple cinnamon flavors.  We started the day off with the always delicious buttermilk pancakes.

Later in the day, Neal totally surprised me with new fish!  I know, again, super nerdy, not many women I know would be excited about 3 beautiful angel fish on Valentine's day, but I was (and still am) pumped!  We've talked about filling out tank with more of these beauties.  We only had 1 pink kissing gourami fish and 1 silver dollar fish left in the tank, and all I've wanted was to get some beautiful angel fish to accompany them.

I finished up working as Neal came into my office and asked me for my weight and height.  Hmm, not so romantic, or is it...?  He was getting us signed up for life insurance!!!! Whoop whoop!  That's something we both have been meaning to do for a long time!

We rolled into the evening by playing one of our favorite games, Cashflow, by Robert Kiyosaki, the real estate mogul, entrepreneur, and writer of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  We played 2 rounds, the first one, I never got out of the rat race, Neal wooped my butt. The second game, I won, but just barely!

We shared this experience over delicious drinks and a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's!  I mean come on, what else would you ever want on VDay than your own heart shaped pizza!?  It's one of my favorite traditions we started back in college when Neal had Fraternity recruitment on Valentine's Day.  We didn't have time to do anything big or fancy, so that when we started to look for fun and practical.

Neal even got 1/2 and half so he could have pepperoni and I could have cheese, so sweet!

The evening ended with watching one of our favorite shows, "Shark Tank", and then some winter Olympics!

It was perfectly nerdy and I loved it.  We had awesome (un-healthy) foods of pancakes and pizza, I got new fish, we are getting life insurance, and we played a practical game that helps us learn for the future!  I love my husband, he's just so perfect for me!

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