Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 Year Adventure - Viking Assault

I have been so excited to share our two year wedding anniversary adventure, but there's been one small problem, the adventure left me with blurred and painful vision for two days!  So I am just now getting to share the 'fun'!
Post Viking Assault and one rinse!
On Saturday we raced in Viking Assault.  Many of you are probably more familiar with adventure races like Warrior Dash, Muddy Buddy, Color Run, and Urban Dare.  Each of those races seem to be outstanding although I have only tried one.  

Viking Assault is a muddy obstacle course bringing you through a maze in cattle stalls, scrambling up a slippery hill, running through the woods filled with muddy trenches, going over a pit via monkey bars and ropes, climbing over your choice of a 4, 5 or 6 foot wall, hurdling along a gravel path, sloshing through waist deep murky water in one of those massive trash bins and then doing 75 meters of a muddy run or crawl to the finish line. 

The finish line

 Post rinsing off, you get to celebrate with a complimentary beverage, a pig roast, and a concert!

Neal and I liked that the Bud Light truck was parked next to the Swine Barn.  Take out the S & N and it's my kind of fun - Wine Bar!

At the time of the race, we thought our only shortcomings were dirt everywhere including our ears (thank goodness for Q-tips!) a few scrapes and bruises, not a scratched eye.

So where exactly did my scratched eye come into play?  At the end of the race towards the finish line, Neal and I decided to do a belly flop into some muddy water.  Sounds fun, right? We thought so, until Sunday morning came around.  My right eye was in so much pain, I could barely keep it open.  I wasn't sure what was wrong, but even flushing my eye didn't help.  I needed to see an eye doctor ASAP.  On a Sunday, this made my choices slim until I recalled there was a LensCrafters in the mall!  They took me in, found I had 'dug' parts of my eye out in 6-7 places and there was still a small particle they had to get out after numbing my eye.  The doctor and staff were all amazing and got me feeling almost 100% in one day. 

The conclusion on my eye:  This was all the result of a piece of dirt, likely from our Viking Assault belly flop at the end of the race, they think may have gotten into a cavity in my eye and during sleep had moved.  Gross.

So next year, if we do Viking Assault, I think I will wear goggles!

Have you ever done an adventure race?  Ever wanted to try one?

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