Monday, September 15, 2014

2 Weeks Old!

We are at two weeks since having Braelyn.  It's difficult being a new mom at times.  There are hours of sitting on a couch simply feeding where you're unable to do little else.  The to do list of misc. tasks will add up.  If you like to have everything planned out, like I do, you'll likely drive yourself crazy.  This is the time I should try not to have any to do lists.  There are days I can blissfully sit on the couch all day, and others I'm going stir crazy.

We are just now at two weeks and I'm already stressing about going back to work and what to do about childcare.  I wish that wasn't my personality.

I want to enjoy these days when she little and cuddly and dependent on me.  Before she grows up and becomes her own person, no longer thinking she needs me. I wish Neal could be home from work more to enjoy them too, because it really is truly wonderful to see him cuddle and snooze with her or play with her during tummy time!

I love that only moments after putting her in our Boba carrier, she's fast asleep and will stay that way the entire time I walk around with her.  I love watching Neal with her, the two of them falling asleep together is my favorite.  I love the way she grasps my finger when we feed.  I love the way she throws her arms out and eyes get big when she's startled or surprised by something.  I love the warmth of her baby soft skin against me.  She's simply the most special little girl to me.

Braelyn Updates
How Old:  2 Weeks
Medical Updates:  No official Dr. updates, next appointment isn't until later in October, but she seems to be getting bigger and stronger daily.  She can lift her head briefly as well as bang it strongly against Neal's chest if he's holding her and she's ready to eat!
Sleep: We had 2 difficult sleep nights this past week.  One of them, I think she could tell I was anxious.  We had a rough afternoon, one to which Neal came home to both of us crying, and sleep was difficult that night.  She's been making more and more noises while she sleeps, so it's keeping me up or waking me up.  Then I check on her, and she's still eyes closed, sleeping, just dreaming and wiggling some.  If her noises don't wake me, a nice puddle milk or extremely full breasts does!  The more noises she makes, the fuller I get!
Clothing/Diapers:  She's still in her newborn sizes.  They are a tiny bit more fitting this week, but all work well.  We started her on cloth diapers yesterday.  That will be a bit of an adjustment as we realized we can't keep them on as long as disposable.  So we are figuring that out and have had some great tips and suggestions from other moms on Facebook and Instagram.

Mommy Updates
Postpartum: 2 Weeks
Weight: Down 21.9  That's 7.7 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight.
Waist:  Down 7.5 inches. 4.5 to go (ish) before I'm back to pre-pregnancy.
Belly:  The linea nigra will likely stay around for a while longer...oh joy!  Neal and I compared abdominal areas so I could feel what a non separated abdomen was like...and yea, I def have about 2 fingers worth of separation, thus possible diastis recti.  It's not something my Dr. seemed concerned about, so I'm just going to avoid straining my abs as much as possible and figure out ways to work around this and bring the separation closer.
Best moment this week:  Anytime Braelyn cuddles with Neal or myself and falls to sleep.  Especially in her Boba as I walk her and she makes sweet cooing noises!!!
Hardest Moment this Week:  Baby blues. One evening, as mentioned above, Neal came home to both of us crying.  It only took him about 5 min to calm her down and get her to sleep for the next few hours.  Then that evening, she would wake up, change diaper, feed, fall asleep, but the moment I put her down, she was awake and crying.  I hadn't realized Neal was leaving at 3am for work either so I was just all kinds of upset.  The blues have come and gone a few times for me.  Most days I'm really happy and content, there's just a little time period where they hit.

Braelyn feeding update:  My nips are almost completely healed!  I used olive oil, went around topless when possible, and just really watched how I would hold/feed her.  Feeding is not nearly as uncomfortable.

Question of the week:
What helped you through the baby blues?


  1. What were the breastfeeding challenges you were having? I delivered on 9/3 and still have a lot of difficulty with breastfeeding and love some pointers if you have any.

    1. I had very cracked nips. They were sore and uncomfortable. To help heal, I went around without a top on and would put olive oil on them to help them heal. My doctor recommended the olive oil since it would be okay if Braelyn suckled and there was still some on there after wiping. Her latch was good and is still good. I've had some friends whose babies were tongue tied and needed the surgery. I'm trying to avoid nipple confusion by not introducing a pacifier yet, but I will need to introduce a bottle next week as I'm pumping milk because I'm in a wedding and will be temporarily unavailable to feed her.