Tuesday, September 9, 2014

1 Week Old!

Braelyn turned 1 week old on Monday!  I love her to pieces!

 Here's our 3 Days Old and 1 Week Old Photos!

Braelyn Updates
How Old:  1 Week
Medical Updates:  She had her 1 week appointment Tuesday morning and gained 1 oz since her birth weight! The Dr. said she looked and sounded healthy.  She's been feeding, filling diapers, and sleeping well. Now we don't have to have a 2 week appointment and will just have a 2 month one!
Sleep: She's not a bad sleeper (as I knock on wood). The Dr. even told me today I could try to not wake her at night every 3 hours and try for 4 or even 5 instead and see how she does.  He said since I'm having to really wake her up when I've set my alarm for 3 hours that she could possibly sleep longer, but she'll also likely feed longer once awake.  We'll see what happens this next week.
Clothing/Diapers:  She's in newborn sizes and we're still not cloth diapering. I'm giving myself a little time to learn more about being a parent to Braelyn and adjusting to life before throwing in one more curve ball.  I mean 1 week ago, I was the girl asking her husband if we should call the nurse in the middle of the night because she had a dirty diaper to change! Ha!

Mommy Updates
Postpartum: 1 Week
Weight: Down 18.8 lbs.  10.8 lbs to go before I'm at pre-pregnancy weight.  However, I'm thinking I may not want to be quite as small as I was.  I would feel back to 'normal' losing another 8 lbs.
Waist:  Down 5 inches. 6.5 to go (ish) before I'm back to pre-pregnancy...the measurment may be off since I took a really old waist measurement to use as I didn't take one early in pregnancy.
Belly:  The linea nigra is still really dark on me and I am sure it will stay that way for a while.  My tummy is softer than it's ever been, but makes a nice coushin for my baby as we learn how to nurse :)
Best moment this week:  Meeting Braelyn for the first time was pretty darn special! I couldn't stop telling Neal how much I loved him right after she was here. And then I proceeded to tell Brae the same :)
Hardest Moment this Week:  Being sore in the pelvic floor, having cracked nipples, and baby blues.  The blues didn't hit until Monday, 1 week postpartum. They came suddenly and strong. It was my first day home alone and I feared Neal wasn't going to be around. It's totally irrational, Neal adores both of us and our bond is strong.  However, right as I calmed myself of that fear, I started thinking if he got in a car accident and was taken from us.  It was terrible. I hate thinking about losing him and the hormonal changes only worsened my fears.
As for the pelvic floor, I think the pain will take some more time.  I'm taking ibeprofen as needed and trying to not overdo anything.  So far I just take easy walks and am working on my kegals.  
As for the cracked nips.  They are starting to heal.  Braelyn's latch looks good externally and her tongue seems fine and since they're healing, I do think her latch is good.  We shall see what the course of this next week brings and if they continue to heal.  I sure hope so!

Question of the week:
What's your best tip you've been given as a new mom/dad?  Or if you have't had a baby, what's your best tip for big changes in life?


  1. Ok, my comment is about the Baby Blues. I had them each time. They are crazy and you'll cry happy tears, tired tears and of course...irrational tears. But around 2 weeks after they start, they are gone just like that! Hang in there. Sorry about the crackes nips, i didn't have that and i feel fortunate, now i certainly was bit...but that comes later (accidentally of course). Alao, who told you to wake a sleeping baby? I never woke any of mine...ever....they ate when they woke and we rolled with it. I'd get my rest, she'll wake you up when she's hungry....she won't starve herself. Best advice, always trust your gut! You know.what she needs, when she needs it and when you need help! You're rockin' it girl!

    1. Thank you! The nurses at the hospital and lactation actually told us to feed her every 3 hours. It was something I found out my Dr didn't agree with, and I'm thankful! Good to know baby blues are normal and will go away!

  2. Baby sleeps...you sleep...every time. NEVER wake a sleeping baby! Believe me they will let you know when they are hungry. Use some healing salve for the nips and wash with warm water before nursing Lanolin was too sticky for me.

    1. Thanks Lezle! I've been using olive oil and just letting them air out during the day and it's working wonders! They're feeling much better and her latch is no longer making my toes curl :) Speaking of sleeping while they sleep...time for me to catch some zzz's while I can! ;)